Location: Nova Scotia Canada
ZDaemon Name:
Zone Name:

Anav comes from Nova Scotia, Canada, and seems to enjoy maps such as Kaboom.wad and Dwango5.wad Map1

His movement and aim are pretty good in most maps, he mostly enjoys playing SSG aiming maps, like Kaboom and Dwango's, which are overall very nice maps anyway.

Even though Anav pretty much lives 5 minutes away from me, I have not yet had the honor of LANing him, I presume though that his aim would be very deadly if not deadlier on a LAN, where there is practically no lagg.

Anav does not really enjoy Map1, he has not really took the time to learn it, if he took the time to practice the map I'm sure that he'd learn to kick some ass in it though :)

Also, Anav likes playing DooM without sound for some, very wierd and odd reason, but then again he's a wierd and odd guy anyway heh, he plays very good without sound though, and is a really nice person to be around in IRC, he's cool and funny. If he played with sound, he'd most likely play a lot better and could beat a lot of people he can't without sound.