Anders Johnsen

Location: Norway
ZDaemon Name:
Andy Johnsen
Zone Name:

Anders Johnsen is a very high skilled DooMGoD, he has been playing DooM since 1995, and building his skill for many years. He has a very good and fast Map1 game, most people would consider his style "Rushing" but with the way he moves and aims, most people consider it "Smart Rushing" cause even though he plays fast, you don't stand a chance. When playing against other high skilled players, he can slow down and play a conservative game, when he played Ocelot at NorLAN, the final match took 45 minutes to complete, definately an awesome match.

I never got to play Anders alot, but, he likes killing himself to prevent the other person from getting frags, it's a pretty good technique that many people hate.  I also know his SSG aim is very good, and he can outrun almost any player he is playing against, he'll use every trick he can think of to make his frag score higher.

Anders usually beats people pretty bad, being as high skilled as he is, him and Ocelot were two very closely skilled people when they LANed, and watching their demo's is really like watching a demon vs an angel

Anders unforunately retired from DooM around early 2002 and late 2001, which is very unfortunate, luckily he still sticks around in IRC though, and he is building a huge demo archive with almost every recording known to man, which is something to look forward to.

Update in Summer 2002: heh, he came back to DooM, guess he couldn't stand being in IRC and hearing everyone talk about DooM and being left out of the fun haha. He plays alot of Zone and CSDoom, but is very fussy in pings and wont play certain people.

Can't wait til he LANs again.