Location: Ontario Canada
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Dash is a player that has been playing DooM for a little while, he used to do alot of Compet-N Speedruns and stuff, with single player demo's, but he also does deathmatching.

Dash is one of the first players besides Dominus that I played with, he has a very unique style, most people say it's just run and gun... but it's much more than that, he has very unique weapon choices which is very unpredictable at times, he also has some very serious and close games with BahdKo from the Summer 2002 Netparty.

He has good movement, because he does alot of Single Player and Nomonster speed running, which really improves your movement after a while.  His aim is ok also, and he dodges very well, he usually tends to fool around, like, he'll dodge and kill you with his fists, kinda funny but annoying when he succeeds.

When he is actually trying, and not rushing continuesly, he does pretty good, he knows what he is doing on the map, and will improve his game a lot if he keeps practicing it.

He plays alot with his sister, I do not know how the games go, but I hear its a lot of practice for Dash, and very tough matches at that!

Dash is a cool guy, he's pretty opinionated and really holds a grudge, but is pretty fun to hang around with, also, he only plays people he respects, he won't play a game against someone he doesn't like or that acts dishonorable/unsportsmanlike.