Location: Nova Scotia Canada
ZDaemon Name:
[UD]DevastatioN or [UD]Arrogance
Zone Name:
ASF_DevastatioN or DevastatioN

I have been DooMing online since May 2001, I origanally got the game on February 2001, played a bit of single player and a few modem games with some locals [DooM 1]

I then met NC around May 21st, and he told me to download DooM ][, so I did and played one of my first real DM's and got owned badly :) I then met Dominus around June 21st and after being put into negatives on Map1 [still using keyboard default] I asked him to teach me how to play, and he did :)

I owe most of my DM experience and skill to Dominus, showing me everything, and playing me for about 5 hours a night every night all summer [about 150-200 games or more heh] also to a few various people like Sslasher and Ocelot for some nice demo's and playing me alot :) also to anyone who has ever played me.

At this writing I consider myself a pretty high skilled Map1 player and pretty good in almost any map.