Location: Nova Scotia Canada
ZDaemon Name:
Zone Name:

DistruktoR is friends with the gang, DevastatioN, IceDagger, Capt'n Insano and SunCleric, he used to play alot with all of these people and worked on his skills, he doesn't play much DooM ][ anymore though.

He never really got to develope his game before he moved onto different games, but he really liked playing big maps so he could sneak around and scare the shit out you. I once made a very dark arena level [yes Darkout.wad], and I just sat in the corner waiting to see him cause it was dark, and he was behind me the whole time... all of a sudden he pulled up the Chainsaw and scared the shit out of me, the sound just rang right through my headphones from total silence, my ass booted it to the other side of the level, he really enjoyed that.

As I said, he loves weird and huge maps...thinks they're fun.