Location: Mequita Texas
ZDaemon Name:
Zone Name:

Dominus ahs been DooMing for a long time, and is a DooMGod, he won the DooM ][ Tournament in Dallas and taught DevastatioN alot of how to be good at DooM.

Dominus is a really good player, his aim is very accurate and movement very precise, if you ever get to play him i suggest that you do not stop moving, you will be a sitting duck with the way he aims. If he doesn't get a one shot kill on you, your screen will flare red blinding you and when he gets his second shot off you will most likely be dead, be very careful around him when he has the SSG.  The one shot kill technique that he uses is a very hard trick to pull off, and takes alot of skill to do as it as much as Dominus does.

In Map1, he can really piss you off with respawn kills, if you are not 100% awake on your respawning you will not live very long.

On maps like D5M1 he likes camping on the ledge, and uses the SSG through out that whole map barely touching the BFG, he is also good on other maps like Map7.

Picture from 2001