Location: Nova Scotia Canada
ZDaemon Name:
Zone Name:

DevastatioN and IceDagger have been playing doom together for a long time, knowing each other in real life, IceDagger learned some things from DevastatioN. Both of them LAN occasionally together in IceDaggers basement where some interesting matches take place.

His best maps are maps which rely mostly on SSG, such as most of the Dwango maps, ssl2.wad and GothicDM 11 [which is one of his and DevastatioN's favorite levels to duke it out on]

When he is really concentrated, his aim can be deadly, he also learns your movements very well and any patterns in your game style, he beat me in GothicDM due to this because he knew every single place that i went and the route i would take, I was simply a sitting duck. I felt like I was just there, and he was a huge fucking overlord that new everything and just wanted to annihalate me. Never play the exact same twice against this guy when he's focused.

His Map1 play isn't that aweomse but he can do pretty good on it at times. He LANs alot with DevastatioN, and gets better each time.