Captain Insano

Location: Nova Scotia Canada
ZDaemon Name:
Zone Name:

Captain Insano is a Nova Scotian DooMer, plays exclusively with DevastatioN and is a good friend of his in Real Life. He has learned most of what he knows from DevastatioN.

Insano played alot of DooM1 with DevastatioN, he likes to camp the 'good weapons' in an attempt to try and beat me. One classic time when i was playing him on E1M1, and IceDagger was at my house [Insano lives 2 houses down from me] anyway, he was at the rocket launcher, and was facing the big opening, but if he heard a grunt he knew I was coming from the tunnel [the only 2 ways to get in] so, i was in the door way, and he was facing me but couldn't see me for some reason, so i phoned him up. After a bit of talking i went "UNGH!!!" into the phone... the poor bastard thought it was the game and turned around, so i jumped down and blasted him :) I dont think to this day he ever forgave me for that, but we all get a huge laugh out of it!

His DooM skill isn't that developed, he can aim and run, and tends to fire rockets and BFG spams when he can, he never really took the time to watch any demo's and get good, he just kinda liked playing and he also loved alot of my maps such as the dark arena one called "Darkout" or "Dodge Rocket".

He still plays occasionally with some of our other locals during 3 way and 4 way at zone.