Location: Virginia USA
ZDaemon Name:
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Ogreslayer is very new to the DooM scene, as of this writing [Spring 2003] he has only been playing about a year.  He plays alot on the MSN Zone with people like Altima, DevastatioN and Erik.  He comes from the Quake community, even the first DooM deathmatch I ever played him in, I was very suprized at how good he was, seeing he said he had just started playing DooM, he aimed and moved ok, definately not like a complete newbie would.  He plays a bit of ZDaemon now and then too, although recently has stoped playing all ports and stayed strictly to DooM2.exe

After watching quite a bit of recordings of the top players, and learning a lot from DevastatioN and Sslasher, his Map1 game is coming along quite well, in the past few weeks he has improved more than he ever has before.

Right now, he is recording some demo's for Compet-N, which has improved his movement quite a bit. He can move around Map1 quite swiftly and do a lot of flawless wallruns. He has just recorded one of his best demo's, which is sn01-010 which is Scythe.wad Map1 done in 10 seconds in Nightmare speed. I myself have sc01-010 which is the asme except in UV Speed, so his movement is pretty much on par with mine at his best, if not better than my personal movement.

He has a style similar to that of DevastatioN and Dominus's, because I am the person he plays the most, and have helped him to try and improve his Map1 game, his aim is very deadly, and he uses a very high mouse sensitivity like me, XenoS and Dominus. He plays a faster game than I do though, and his BFG charge is very good and hard to stop, he definately is getting a lot of experience built up. He recently has started playing a much slower and conservative game though.

If he gets annoyed in a game, he tends to start rushing even more, which can also be annoying, cause when he rush's, his aim helps him kill you a lot, which in the end, pisses you off and makes you start rushing at him in a huge rage, it gets interesting, I wonder if he does this to me on purpose hehe.

Ogre seems to have a very good plasma grab also, which I quickly learned I cant just go rushing after him, cause you get a face full of plasma 90% of the time, so if you get to play Ogre, I suggest you not rush when he's down the plasma hall.

His reflexes and BFG are also becoming very good, his last second BFG swings are usually very hard to dodge, and his SSG is potent. He reminds me of chewy sometimes, has a very good and fast BFG, very very hard to dodge.

Also lately, need I say more... His respawn kills have become very great, and also very annoying :) he is becoming a true respawn whore like most people, if your not on the ball when you respawn, your gonna end up with a face full of bullets or plasma!

I believe he will continue to improve, and start to kick my ass very soon :) But only time will tell that for sure, he's getting closer :D