Location: Montreal, Quebec Canada
ZDaemon Name:
Zone Name:

Sslasher is an OldSkool DooMGoD from Montreal Quebec, he is a very highly skilled player and was one of the best Map11 players back in DooM's early days.

Sslasher played alot of DooM with Galiu and Burnout, who are also from Montreal.  Sslasher won the DMCon1 Tournament, and came 2nd in the DMCon2 Tournament losing to Galiu.

Sslasher stoped playing DooM near the end of 1997, but in the year 2001 he came back to DooM and has played alot of people on zone, including Dominus, Ocelot and DevastatioN.

Sslasher is a very good Map1 player, his movement is very good and he is very tricky.  You should never turn your back the general area he is in, or he will zip by you into another area, he tends to do this to me.

If your playing against Sslasher I suggest that you do not assume anything, even though you heard a sound that sounds like he's in the plasma room, make sure he isn't anywhere else, dropping your guard assuming where he will come from is bad because he WILL pop out of some other place and suprise you.  Be careful and use your eye's to make SURE that you know where he is and where he could have gone.

He is also very fast on the respawn frags, so good luck on living when you respawn, he likes to taunt you by taking a few shots on you and then finishing you off when you go to enter the hallway.

As I have said he is a really awesome player with excellant movement, you can learn alot from watching his demo's and recordings, some of them are really interesting.  He's a very conservative and slow player.