Location: Oklahoma USA
ZDaemon Name:
Zone Name:

XenoS is a very skilled DooMGoD, with a very similar style to Dominus, he was the one who taught Dominus alot about Map1 and the two of them played alot.

His SSG is very good, like Dominus's and both of them enjoy the same type of maps, he also uses a very high mouse sensitivity like DevastatioN and Dominus.

His Map1 game is very conservative, he plays it very patiently, this would annoy most people who can't handle a slow game, therefore, making them get their asses kicked pretty bad, rushing against this guy is a big no no, his aim is very awesome just like Dominus's.

XenoS is a really cool guy, that kinda gets pissed when he's losing, or isn't doing as good as he'd like, he used to really get pissed off when DevastatioN scored higher than he should have in a few games. He also hates laggy games, he'll complain even at a ping of 80ms cause it jumps once out of every 20 seconds.

XenoS appears to not like competing seriously against his friends, I have heard that he refused to go to a DooM2 Tournament because he didn't wanna compete against his friends, but he is a cool guy to hang with regardless :)