Location: Louisiana USA
ZDaemon Name:
Zone Name:

Xoap is an old DooM player, from what I know in his early days of DooM he played alot of Disicple-X, who taught xoap alot of basics.

Xoap is a very good player in alot of maps, and has a very good BFG and SSG, he is one of the players who uses alot of sr50, making his movements look very jumpy or jittery, but he has excellent control on all his movements and where he is going, making his jittery movements a deadly enemy

His Map1 game is very good, he doesn't play too conservative, but his SSG aim and BFG make up for this, he can crush most people at Map1 and has very good movement on this map.

Xoap plays a very deadly Dwango5 Map1 game, and Judas23 game [from what I hear] his D5M1 game is a very conservative style much think of as "cat and mouse", he annoys most players by taking pot shots and making them rush from anger, which makes him even better cause when you rush him in these maps, your sure as hell gonna meet his SSG :) he is hard to confuse and beat.

I have not personally played him in Judas23, but have seen a recording and he seems to know very much what he's doing, and he has very impressive SSG aim in any recording I have ever watched him play.

He seems to hate lagg, and says he plays very badly in lagg even only at 80ms, this might be do to his very fast movements and making him hit a wall or 2, knocking off his coordination, I'm not completely sure.

He is a very cool person to hang around with in IRC, he also plays alot of ZDaemon and kicks ass at it.

PS: He jumps through windows in Dwango5 Map1