Tweaking DooM ][


To enable Auto Run.
In your DooM directory, open up the file "Default.cfg" in notepad, or write.exe, you can do this by double clicking the item, and if a window comes up asking you what to open a cfg file in, select notepad.
Scroll down the list until you see:
JoyB_Speed 2
Then, change the number 2 to 31 or 29
JoyB_Speed 29
JoyB_Speed 31
Then you will automatically run without holding the shift button.

High Mouse Sensitivity

Problems not being able to get a higher mouse sensitivity? Is the normal DooM max sense STILL too slow? Well here's a way to fix that!
Once again, open up Default.cfg in notepad or write.exe [details above]
at the top of the list you will see:
Mouse_Sensitivity 8 [or some other number]
You can change this higher, I personally use 47, only thing is, once this is set high, You CANNOT enter the options menu while in DooM, DooM will crash...but get a good mouse sense.

Changing other options is not recommended, doing this can easily cause DooM to crash or not run properly.