The Autoaim cheat for Doom2 v. 1.9

Effect:  Causes the cheating player to automatically center the opponent on the screen.

Why it is a cheat:  Enhances player aim abilities through an automated means to a level of accuracy that is not humanly executable. Also, provides a means to locate the opponent that is not normally available (because the cheating player is able to automatically face the opponent, regardless of walls seperating them or distance from one another).

Method of Implementation:  Unverified, but is likely either a doom2.exe replacement or a TSR.

How it works:  Unknown

Number of versions observed in existance:      Two.

Details on implementations:

     Both of the known Doom2 1.9 autoaim programs were reportedly created by Russian programmers, and were dispersed to an extremely small number of players worldwide.

     Version 1: This is believed to be the older version, and simply causes the cheating player to always squarely face his deathmatch opponent. It is not possible in this version to toggle this autoaim on and off, which makes its use easy to identify to even a casual observer of a recorded or live game.

Detection method: visual observation.

     Version 2: The second version is likely a later release, and is much more functional. It only activates when the player presses a certain button of a 3 button mouse. Its use is not always visible to a casual observer of a recorded or live game, the main exeption to this being the noticible jerking  of the cheating player's aim during use of the chaingun with the autoaim activated. This version has a further use in that it can be intermittantly activated while not firing a weapon, which works to allow the cheating player to discover the location of the opponent.

     I became aware of this version of the autoaim cheat when a player who had it approached me and wanted to demonstrate it. This player apparrently did not use the autoaim cheat in significant games, as he has several well-circulated demos over a period of time which test negative for the cheat. I am witholding this players' identity. This player and I recorded a demo in which he demonstrated the autoaim cheats' functionality.

Detection method: Either analysis of the recording file (.lmp) as follows, or visual observation.

     This version of the autoaim cheat, in this recording, for unknown reasons caused two total instances (one instance in each direction, left and right) a mouse pivot speed that is higher than any human player can perform. It is possible that this is the nature of the cheat, and may happen in all games played with this cheat. The .lmp utility "coolmp", when run on a demo with this cheat, clearly shows the excessive mouse speed, as in this example of the known-autoaim demo in which the Indigo player had the cheat loaded. The important statistics are highlighted in cyan:
D:\DOOM2>coolmp -stats bullshit.lmp

Scanning LMP - [........................................]
COOLMP v1.00a       (c) John Ripley 1995

File name       : bullshit.lmp
Version         : 1.9
Skill           : 5 = NIGHTMARE!
Episode         : 1
Map             : 1
Rules           : Deathmatch
Options         : -nomonsters
View            : Player 2's
Players in game : Green  Indigo
Length          : 55824 gametics = 26 minutes 34.97 seconds
--- Finding extra stats and scanning LMP

------------------- Statistics: ---------------

Paused: No, Saved: No, Unknown Actions: No

     Note - X%=X% of time, >X=maximum rate, *X=X gametic counts
Player|Forward |Backward|StrafeL |StrafeR |TurnLeft|TurnRght|Fire|Use   |Change
Green | 37%>50 | 21%>50 | 21%>40 | 20%>40 | 11%>39 | 12%>39 | 19%|*11418|*142
Indigo| 39%>50 | 19%>50 | 25%>40 | 27%>40 | 10%>126| 11%>125| 19%|*536  |*242

------------------- Other info: ---------------

Player|Control |Run  |Strafe |BackFactor|FlickFactor|ArnieFactor|LurkFactor
Green |Mouser  |Fast |Speedy!|10        |3          |7          |16
Indigo|Mouser  |Fast |Speedy!|9         |12         |7          |12

     These two instances were also observable within the output of the .lmp utility "lmpc". Lmpc creates a gametic-by-gametic printout of the contents of an .lmp file. Here are the two segments from lmpc showing the two instances:

Command used to get analysis:

D:\DOOM2>lmpc -s bullshit.lmp bullshit.txt
bullshit.lmp -> bullshit.txt


Exerpts from bullshit.txt, the file LMPC created:

GB50 SR40 FW UT         #  3176 (1:30.74m)
FW                      #
GB36 TL2 UT             #  3177 (1:30.77m)
FW                      #
GB22 SL40 TL7 UT        #  3178 (1:30.79m)
TR126 FW                #
GB50 SL40 TL2 UT        #  3179 (1:30.82m)
FW                      #
GB50 SL40 TL2 UT        #  3180 (1:30.85m)
FW                      #
GB50 SL40 TL3 UT        #  3181 (1:30.88m)
FW                      #

SL40 UT                 # 27280 (12:59.42m)
GB50 SR40 FW            #
GF50 SL40               # 27281 (12:59.45m)
GB50 FW                 #
GF50                    # 27282 (12:59.48m)
GB50 TL125 FW           #
GF50                    # 27283 (12:59.51m)
GB50 FW                 #
GF50 SR40               # 27284 (12:59.54m)
GB50 FW                 #


Download the recording of the autoaim cheat being used by Indigo HERE.
(If you don't know how to watch Doom2 demos, click HERE for how to do it)

Download the coolmp.exe utility HERE

Download the LMPC utliity HERE.