Map editing cheating in Doom2

Effect:Causes the cheating player to be able to see through walls which normally do not permit player vision, or into areas which normally are blocked by a wall with a solid appearance.

One possible side effect of this cheat may be that in certain instances, the non-cheating player's usage of the "Silent BFG" is fully audible to the cheating player as though it were a normally-fired BFG. In this event, this same characteristic would cause cheating player to be unable to hear whether his own "Silent BFG" was effective when activated against the wall units which are permitting visibility (although the non-cheating player would hear the sound with the "Silent BFG" effect as long as it was correctly executed by the cheating player). Executions of Silent BFG against unmodified wall tiles within the map would function normally, silencing the BFG in the perspectives of both players.

Why it is a cheat:  Provides a means for the cheating player to locate the opponent that is not normally available. Also may cause an auditory advantage as described above regarding Silent BFG.

Method of Implementation:Altered Doom2 IWad or PWad addition, or used as a replacement for the original map

How it works: Changes are made to the doom2.wad (or another means of change is implemented) that do not cause the deathmatch game to consistancy fail, but the appearance of the walls changes to permit the cheating player to have visibility of the other player through the walls.

Number of versions observed in existance:  Two instances have been reported to date.

Details on implementations:

(1) One map has been partially created by an associate of in which these characteristics were observed. The development was stopped once the characteristic was identified, and the map remains incomplete and undistributed. The knowledge and ability required to create the map proved, forunately, to be of a difficulty level that is above that of low-level or inexperienced Doom2 hackers.

(2) There is a report from an extremely oldschool player who requested to remain unidentified that he and a friend created a doom2 modification like this, years ago, with the intent of watching a high-profile, suspected cheating player's recording with it loaded. This oldschool player reported that viewing of this demo with the modified walls did seem to provide evidence that this high-profile player was using a similar modification when the game was recorded. The demo they viewed has been lost, and there are no surviving demos of this high-profile player on a map that is suitable to attempt verification of these results.

Detection methods:

Visual observation of the player's screen as the game is played.

Viewing a demo recorded with one player utilizing such a modification could reveal circumstantial evidence that one player had an ability to locate the other player which was beyond normal visual or auditory means. The ideal means to do this would include utilization of a doom2 modification with identical characteristics to the one used by the suspected cheating player. Such a determination could only be made by a very high-skilled and experienced deathmatcher who is relatively specialized on the map in question, because the high degree of deduction utilized in the most advanced Deathmatch play could easily be mistaken for this kind of cheat use by less-experienced players.


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