Verify your keyboard isnt JUNK

Some keyboards are useless to an intermediete or advanced skilled Doom2 Deathmatcher, having key stroke transmission characteristics that interfere with needed movement and USE attempts.

The problem lies in certain keyboards' inability to transmit 3 keystrokes simultaneously, or in some cases, the inability to transmit just a certain combination of three keystrokes at once. There are times when you will want to be pressing down three keys at once, most commonly, when activating USE on your keyboard during a straferun, and not interrupting your straferun in the process. If your keyboard has a problem sending these three keystrokes at the same time, you will find that you seem to "miss" switches for no apparrent reason, and your Silent BFG (a topic discussed later on) is extra hard to use.

Here is how to test your keyboard. Open up a textfile and hold down your forward key until it starts repeating, then hold down a strafe key the same way, and then your USE key. At this point you are holding down three keys, and you should see, in the textfile, the USE key repeating. If anything else happens, other than the USE key repeating at the end of this test, you need to get a different keyboard (ideally before you begin training on Silent BFG or using switches in Deathmatch).

Keyboard cost and age appear to have nothing to do with this characteristic. Some older keyboards work perfectly, some newer, expensive ones don't. If you have to replace your keyboard, there is only one way to know, before you buy, if you are getting one that will work. You have to test them in the store. Yes, the people who work at the store will think someting is wrong with you, and they probably won't  understand why you need to do this. So far, I haven't found any stores in the US where the store people tell me, outright, No.

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