No-Red Doom2 cheat modification

Effect:  Causes the red-screen effect that is caused by the cheating player being damaged to be changed to a slight lightening of the screen area instead.

Why it is a cheat:  Has an advantageous visual effect not normally available in Doom2.

Method of Implementation:  a pwad

How it works: The cheating player loads a pwad when he starts the deathmatch game. The pwad causes the red-flashing light effect that normally occurs when he takes damage to be eliminated. The screen still lightens slightly, though. The other player's display of the red flash remains unchanged.

Number of versions observed in existance:  One

Details on implementations:

It is a pwad which does not cause a consistancy failure when the other player does not have it loaded as well.

The cheating player is able to see perfectly (and thus aim and move in an unaffected way) immedietely after taking damage. On the other hand, the non-cheating player is either partially or fully blinded for a varying period of time, depending on his gamma setting and the amount of damage he has taken to cause the red screen.

Detection method: Visual observation of the player's screen as the game is played.


There are no downloads related to this cheat at this time.