Red Dot Doom2 cheat

Effect: Makes a red crosshair-like dot in the center of the screen, intended for use as an aim aid.

Why it is a cheat:  It might provide an aim advantage for the cheating player.

Method of Implementation:  Iwad modification

How it works: It is a Iwad patch which, when completed, does not cause the game to consistancy fail when not loaded by both players.

Number of versions observed in existance: One

Details on implementations: The version that has been distributed modifies the doom2 Iwad to add a red dot to the center of the player's screen. It is a low-effectiveness cheat because the high speed of Doom2 requires a rapid aim technique that an on-screen crosshair will not benefit, except for perhaps extremely low-skilled or newbie players.  

Detection method:

Visual observation of the player's game as it is played.


There are no downloads related to this cheat at this time.