Sound editing Doom2 cheat

Effect: Sounds made by both the opponent (and the cheating player as well) are changed to sounds that are presumably either easier to hear for the cheating player, or longer in duration. The non-cheating player hears no difference.

Why it is a cheat:  The cheat status will vary based on the nature of the sound modification. Various modifications can allow the cheating player a means to locate the player that is not normally available, and/or effectively un-silence the silent BFG.

Method of Implementation: pwad

How it works: It is a pwad which does not cause a consistancy failure when the other player does not have it loaded as well.

Number of versions observed in existance: No specific, distributed versions have been observed to date.

Details on implementations: n/a

Detection method:

Audio observation of the player's live game.


There are no downloads related to this cheat at this time.