Sprite editing Doom2 cheat

Effect: Can be used to implement a large variety of visibility changes in Doom2's sprites that are seen by one player and not the other in Deathmatch.

Why it is a cheat:  Sprite changes can be implemented in ways which allow a means of locating the opponent not normally available in Doom2, or make other changes which make the cheating player's game easier.

Method of Implementation: Doom2 Iwad modification or pwad addition

How it works:  The sprites in Doom2 can be edited or replaced with a sprite of something else.

Number of versions observed in existance: There are many sprite replacement wads in existance in general. Cheat-specific modifications are not well distributed, however.

Details on implementations:

There's a report regarding one oldschool "doomgod" who became known for cheating after essentially being discovered at a LANparty with this kind of cheat-specific Doom2 modification accidently loaded. Mods like this have also been verified as being technically feasable.

Detection method:

Visual observation of the player's screen as the game is played.

This kind of cheating is generally useless for games other than modem games due to the obviousness of these modifications.


There are no downloads related to this cheat at this time.