WHY STILL DOOM?!? Doom mapping hasn't died out since 1993, and 2018 marked the 25th anniversary of killing demons and creating your own worlds to do so for sharing. With much better quality than this minecraft and fortnight shit plus more gameplay value than this new call of duty and battlefiends shit, DOOM has stood strong over the years with very few releases. Even when DOOM 2016 hit the scene and snapmap allowed for custom maps again, allowing for programming tokens and generally changing the logic of the entire game, people eventually flocked right back to the classic doom series of the early 90's. Why? It's the easiest game to mod! It's also an artform that may take a while to learn if you want to get more elaborate, and you'll never run out of mods to play now that they've reached well over 50,000. This includes some 32-level full level replacement mods. I'm just counting files here! If you really want to check it out, make sure you have doom.wad or doom2.wad from steam or another source available, and slip it in the same folder as a modern source port such as GZDoom.

If you are on the hunt for some really good mods, I would suggest trying the cacowards pages on Doomworld.com or just reading further. Some wads picked by other DW forum members as well as myself of course, cacoward winners, and general popular wads are as follows:

2002 A Doom Odyssey, Action Doom 2, Alien Vendetta, Ancient Aliens, The Classic Episode, Community Chest 1-3, The Darkening 1 & 2, Disjunction, Doom The Way id Did, Dump 1-3, Eternal Doom, Eviternity, Hell Revealed, Kama Sutra, Knee Deep in ZDoom, Memento Mori II, Plutonia 2, Preacher, Putrifier, Requiem, Scythe 2, Simplicity, Sonic 2, Sunlust, Struggle, Vanilla Sky, and Zaero 1

(not a complete list by any means)

I may not be the Di Vinci of creating doom masterpieces, but I have higher hopes for the future of this hobby with an idea or two that I do have. I got my start way back in 1995 with some really ridiculously terrible wads (now there is a new homage to those that will be fun as hell) and gave up until 2003 when I released 1999's Nightmares of Loki and gave up even more to the point where I haven't released anything since.

But in this time I listened to all of the bad reviews and suggestions that happened when Nightmares did happen, and since had written a rather large plot, designed a soundtrack, learned some ACS scripting tricks of the modern days, and have planned on suprise-releasing a remake of Loki with a new title: Otherworldly. The website is of course a dev site with nothing to play and spoilers, but if you are interested in mapping or helping out check it out.

Another cool idea I had was the Abaddon series, which takes place in an alternate dimension where wolf, doom, and quake never happened and instead the Abaddon series did!

I started this sometime in 2015 and have since re-imagined its interface. I still haven't come up with near enough material or finished busywork to merit a functioning website, but I'm trying! This is low priority but wouldn't take much to complete if I didn't have more important hobbies like game soundtracks and designing the current websites.

Draft #1 here
Draft #2 here