It's 2015. Doom is over 20 years old, and people still use it today for mod projects, and classrooms in China teach game design to 9 year olds using a game that once upon a time was deemed too inappropriate for even teenagers. In the 90s era major mega-collections of levels were released, all breaking the rules of id's end user license agreement, selling levels for profit. So now, everything is available here for free on the left menu, and much more will come. The menu to this website is for actual deconstructing and playing on different source ports. This is for modern revamps of the original classic. There are also megawad projects from the 90s until now including Sonic the Hedgehog Doom, Super Mario Doom, Star Trek Doom, you name it, it probably exists. Even Dr Who.

DOOM has won several awards in 1994 and 1995, and recently earned it's place in the world video game hall of fame, So this game definitely meant something to it's genre and to the entire realm of video games. I still play it and recruited my new family, including a five year old and seven year old. I let them get the feel of the game and then suprise them all the time with old and new mods I know they'd find interesting, like the Lego Doom mod and again, Dr Who.