A mapset for doom2


Featured Runs


  Map29 UV-Max by Looper - txt


  Map27 Nightmare-Speed by SAV88 - txt


  Map18 Nightmare-Secrets by SAV88 - txt


  Single Segment Map01-Map30 UV-Max by Zero-Master - txt


  Map20 UV-Max by SAV88 - txt


Speedrun page nuked already! I was giving a runner a hard time and lol internet happened. Instead I'll just try to feature interesting runs as they come in on the front page.



Repurposed the screenshot page into a map-by-map speedrun page. Currently only tracking vanilla compat, UV/NM max and speed, but it's entirely possible the scope could change depending on feedback/interest. Again many thanks to doomed sda from which most of the data was scraped, without which it would have been a nightmare to track down records buried in forum threads.



Johnsen was able to recover his backup rom discs of the original AV release files, however the installer data was corrupted, so some dashed hopes there. A few hours after that original release, was uploaded with the compiled wad instead of an installer, and thanks to the efforts of Doug + Andy over at doomed sda I was able to grab that and host it here as well. md5 checksums are provided for curiosity's sake and hopefully I didn't copy any of them down incorrectly. OK BYE



So here it is - 15 years later and a brand new Alien Vendetta site. The old one looked like a relic from 2002 and AV simply deserves better. vorpal had the incentive to do this and took it upon himself to do all the work here, as the rest of us have grown too old and frail for such labour.

A new sparkling design is not all he had in store for us though, there's something even better: A finetuned version of one of his more recent releases AND an all new one, neatly tucked together in a set.

There's nothing more to say really - download, get yourself some coffee and enjoy "AV Black Label". Perhaps this new wad will increase in scope in the future, if others from the crew dust of their editor and divorce their family. Until next time!



Well, exactly one year after its original release, we put up a refined version of the wad. It seems AV will become one of the Compet-N pwads in the near future so we figured breaking demo compatibility for the original demoset is an easy sacrifice :)

Alot of nitpicks took place, seeing quite a few bugs got reported during the last year. The biggest change comes in form of a brand new map by Lee Szymanski and Anthony Soto. That alone should be worth the download :)

Av.exe and av.deh by myk helnyte comes included in the zip, replacing automap names and storylines.

Full changelog as well as aviable from the download section.