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Eleventh Update! :: (June 13. 2005)
Sorry for the long time since the last update, Doom Fans!! Unlike Compet-N (which is always updated regularly and on time), Compet-Not lags a bit sometimes!

Today we have an .avi of E1m1 being completed by Dashiva, with in-game assistance from his ever-helpful and amazing COOP HELPER BOT. The bot runs through the map with Dashiva, mowing down monsters, clearing the way for its master Dashiva and defending him with all of its might.  It does not get lost, distracted, and is so smart that it never gets in Dashiva's way when he tries to run or fire at a monster (those few times that there were monsters left alive by the bot for him to shoot). The amazing COOP HELPER BOT is a prboom-based creation by Dashiva, and this AVI and musical accompaniment were created by STX-Vile. Have fun watching it, you can get it here

Tenth Update! :: (January 19. 2004)
Watch BahdKo take on Ocelot's new Plutonia Map10 speedrun, in Skill 1, and complete it in 49 seconds.  This demo just oozes with talent, especially at the end, with the graceful and near-robotic control of the last corridor leading up to the exit. You could also check out Ocelot's original 19 second speedrun that insired it, courtesy of Compet-N.

Nineth Update! :: (July 9. 2003)
We have a double update this month, everyone!

Dashiva and his friend Mike, collectively known as "A bunch of idiots", have released two Div-X mini-movies which express, once again, their great appreciation for  Xit Vono and all that he has done for the single player Doom community. You will need to have the Div-X package installed to watch them, which you can get from here: .  The two movies can be downloaded here: VonoFight.avi and VonoSucks.avi.  To download them directly to your hard drive instead of letting them attempt to play through your browser, right click the filename and select save.

Dashiva also produced a mini-movie of BahdKo finishing a game of Doom on Microsoft Zone (BahdKo of course never, ever loses a Map1 game to anyone, and as would be typical, wins the game).  It also features cameos of Dashiva himself, as well as a tortilla chip with salsa. This also requires Div-X as linked above.  By the way, this is a 20 meg file, with a playback duration of 4 minutes 40 seconds: bahdg2.avi .

Eighth Update! :: (November 10. 2002)

Compet-Not is sad to report the recent death of our newest commentator, Anah_Nimous. We have learned that over the weekend, Anah was invited to a hoax netparty at an undisclosed location in Central Europe by several doom players. When Anah  drove his car to the netparty and noone was there, he attempted to return home, but did not make it. The police report indicates that Anah was followed in his car by two guys in a Volkswagon Polo until Anah's car ran out of gas. Then, when Anah tried to flee his pursuers on foot, the passenger in the Polo (who is described as about 6' tall, having blond hair, wearing a blue jogging suit, and carrying a bat) got out of the car and ran him down.
The other purportrator, the driver of the Volkswagon Polo, was described as around 6'5" with dark hair. Anah was killed by a close range shotgun blast by the unknown suspects, who remain at large.

Seventh Update! :: (November 7, 2002)
Anah_Nimous has returned to Compet-Not with his commentary regarding a Compet-N player named Sedlo . Sedlo evidently has some Doom skill issues to address, as he does not seem able to survive longer than a few seconds in quite a few of his uploaded Compet-N demos. For reasons unknown to Compet-Not, a few weirdo Doom freaks  seem to admire him, as though watching a guy run into a map and live for only a few seconds takes skill. Anyway, take it away, Anah_Nimous!

Hello, Compet-Not regulars! Anah_Nimus here, and I can't wait to tell you about this player I just found out about over on Compet-N . His nickname is Sedlo and he has uploaded a whole bunch of short, crappy demos to Compet-N.

He isn't able to live very long in some of the demos, and is even accident-prone with the rocket launcher. You frequently see him run into the maps, do stupid stuff that makes him take a lot of damage, sometimes even DIE right in the demo, and then he turns around and uploads the demos to Compet-N. And, for some reason, Compet-N accepts them for the site! 

I'm going to do reviews of four of these really suckass recordings, so that you can get an idea of what these very brief, skilless things are like. There are lots more just like these four, but I don't want to be here all night watching demos of players who suck. (Especially since I  wouldn't want my own god-like skill to accidently be affected by this kind of stupid playing).

Doom2 Map3 done in 19 seconds .  He does the beginning of the run pretty well, doing a couple of nice jumps, shooting a couple of troopers, riding up the lift, running across the ledge, and jumping into the pit with all the good secrets in it (the invisibility, soul sphere, and blue armor). This is where it starts to go bad. He takes the trouble to jump in the hole, but leaves most of the good stuff there! He comes teleporting out with only the blue armor, leaving the soul sphere and invisibility behind. Smart move, yeah!  When he teleports out and arrives at the top of the pillar where the chaingunner is, it gets even worse. After picking up the rocket launcher due to spawning on top of it, he almost kills himself with it. He turns around and fires it point blank into the chaingunner's face!  Left with a measly 24%  health due to that little mishap, he manages to finish the map without any more significant screwups.

Doom2 Map7 done in 6 seconds . This one both starts and ends pretty dumb. When the walls to the chamber lower and let him out, he runs over and hits a switch to lower one of the platforms in the middle of the map. While going for the switch, he runs clumsily past an invisibility sphere, which surely would have helped him against the many mancubi standing right there.  But no, he missed it, evidently he cannot run accurately while straferunning. After hitting the switch, he runs toward the middle of the map where every single mancubus can see him. Just a brilliant move on his part, there. As the mancubi are winding up their fireballs, he straferuns directly  into the side of one of the raised platforms (oops). Then he finally runs toward the platform he lowered, gets the rocket launcher off of it, and predictably proceeds to almost blow himself up with it. He runs up to the nearest mancubus and pulls the trigger on the rocket launcher, right in it's face, from a point blank range. Yeah, that was a good shot! And that's where the demo ends.

Doom2 map19 done in 36 seconds . This one wouldnt be too bad, if he didn't happen to fall for the oldest trick in the book on Map19. Except for his playing games opening doors all around him in the beginning, he runs pretty well through part of it. But then, he opens a wooden door and,  lo and behold, a soul sphere, right? Nope, its a trap, and anyone who has actually played Doom2 all the way through knows about it. If you go through the door after that particular soul sphere, you get teleported somewhere else, without getting your soul sphere. So it figures that he would grab for it, and he ends up dumped somewhere else in the map. After the unexpected teleportation, he helplessly fires his handgun at some imps that probably didnt even see him and would have left him alone anyway. He then manages to finish the map without doing anything too stupid, and without dying.

Plutonia Map12 done in 6 seconds . He finally manages to kill himself with his clumsy rocket launcher handling! He runs through the map, ignoring the monsters (as usual), and even runs right past an Archvile which begins to fry his ass. No problem though, because he kills himself before the archie can actually detonate him. He runs up to the nearest wall and point-blanks it with the rocket launcher. Having done this with only100% health and no armor, it kills him. And, thats the end of the recording, as his freshly-killed corpse slides across the floor.

If you want to see some more of this crap, to get a laugh out of it perhaps, you can check these out:

Level 24 in 36 seconds and 34 seconds too: If you're going to check out any one demo, this is the one! This zipfile has two recordings in it, the one being specifically referenced here is lv24-036.lmp.

Level 5 in 24 seconds

Level 14 in 20 seconds

Level 15 in 30 seconds

Level31 in 30 and 33 seconds

Compet-Not extends a special thanks to Anah_Nimous for his time!

Sixth Update! :: (October 20, 2002)
Compet-Not has recently learned that there is a player active on the scene who, reportedly, "could not doom his way out of a wet paper bag". Check out this interview with Doom2 player Anah_Nimous regarding this player, known as "Ocelot".

<Compet-Not> Well there, Anah, how did you come to learn so much about Ocelot?

<Anah> I have a friend who says he talked to someone whose brother went to a netparty with Ocelot in Sweden, or umm I think it was Italy actually.

<Compet-Not> Ahh ok. Well Ocelot is pretty well known on the deathmatch scene these days. You were telling me before the interview that you don't understand why?

<Anah> Yeah man, I don't get it. Just watch his demos and you'll see what I mean. He looks like he's deliberately dragging himself along the walls the whole time. He moves so slowly that he must not even know that he's supposed to hold down SHIFT to run. I don't know how he can even play anyone like that, much less get frags.

<Compet-Not> He's got some demos out there with some well-known players, I expect we could certainly check them out.

<Anah> Yeah he does, and the scores are just pitiful. I don't see how anyone can continue to play when they gets scores like 50-7 (against BahdKo) and 50-2 (against Dashiva). Many of the Ocelot deathmatch demos I have seen look like a giant accident, and you can't help but feel sorry for the poor guy on the losing side of the frag count.

<Compet-Not> What kind of things did your friend's brother notice about Ocelot in the netparty in Italy?

<Anah> He just totally doesen't care about what happens in game. When he gets fragged he just laughs it off, and he doesen't give a shit whether or not his shots actually hit anybody. He has even been known to see the opponent and deliberately fire the other way. Oh, and When the other player starts firing rockets, the most amazing thing happens, the rockets actually curve around corners to come and hit him! One rocket, I am told, steered around two corners to get him, he is that much of a rocket magnet!

<Compet-Not> Thats fascinating, I didn't know rockets could do that!

<Anah> Yeah it's pretty cool, huh. Chaingun bullets did the same thing, supposedly! Now check this out, check this: If you feel like playing Doom over the internet but like, you're not in the mood to lose on Map1, just go into Microsoft Zone and see if you can find him. His nickname there is kaakkuri. He's a load of fun to play if you are specifically in the mood to win, because he like, gives you every frag he can. And not to mention all the frags you get just firing your ammo out into the map and watching shit steer itself to go and frag  him for you.

<Compet-Not> I suppose from where you stand, you could point out some stuff that would help Ocelot's game?

<Anah> Well .. helping fresh players is sort of a duty I suppose. For one thing, he has to learn patience. Seeing him rush into situations with no thought is hurting his game tremendously. He could try camping now and then, for example. And someone should let him know that it's possible to grab the plasma in map01 without using the lift.. please someone - let the guy know it can be bumped.

<Compet-Not> Anything else you'd like to add?

<Anah> Yeah. If you want to see some really crappy, hopeless recordings of Ocelot trying to play doom, you could check out these demos:

<Compet-Not> Thanks for the information, Anah_Nimous!

Fifth Update!  :: (April 10,. 2002)
Dashiva and his new band, Libido, have produced a song to honor one of the most meek and well-respected single player doomers of the scene. The song is named "Xit Vono is French" and can be downloaded here . Good work guys!

Fourth Update! :: (January 4, 2002)
Henning Skogsto's recent Doom2 maps 1 - 10 speedrun has inspired yet another speedrun from a Compet-Not player.  Dashiva  takes  05:42 to get the job done (compared to Henning's 7 and a half minutes). This demo is certainly an interesting watch. Completing Map 7 in 8 seconds is especially impressive!   You can also see Henning's original Nightmare 07:26 speedrun that inspired it, courtesy of Compet-N .

Third Update! :: (January 1, 2002)

Compet-Not is going to profile a few of the "greatest" Deathmatch players. The first player in line is the well-known player Soviet, or as recently seen on IRC, "TD_Soviet".

Soviet is well-known in the Doom2.exe, zdoom, and other online Doom2 arenas for his respectful attitude toward players of all skill levels. He has high standards of integrity and makes certain that he never has an unfair advantage over his opponents. He has a great depth of knowledge about Doom2.  He is also known for his meek and positive demeanor, regardless of whether he wins or loses a match.

We can see his exemplary attitude toward other players demonstrated in these IRCnet #nightmare log segments:

<TD_Soviet> you seem to think you are good at doom when all you do is play the newer games, get owned, come back to doom and suck nutsacks

<TD_Soviet> sslasher didnt beat me 50-12 , it doesnt matter cause it was a map01 game anyway

<TD_Soviet> yea sslasher i am one of those players, but i dont like players like ralphis who think they can even compete with players like The Saint or me

<TD_Soviet> i beat you on a half a game cause i didnt have time to beat u on a full game

<TD_Soviet> dev you see i dont care 2 fucks about map01 i understand that you mortals try to perfect your game on that spawnkilling crap but i my friend , am differenct

<TD_Soviet> who do u think is better o-slut or anders?

<TD_Soviet> ok #1 , waldon score of your game with saint today?
<TD_Soviet> anwser that question and than dont speak

<TD_Soviet> hey niggers, who wants to play sovey on zdoom, no one right ? because its not DOOM2.exe right? well thats what i have been playing for over 2 years and thats what im good at

<TD_Soviet> so am i, lots of players are just in denial, dominus was untill he finally played me on zdoom

We can see his requirement of fairness in all of his games, plus his depth of knowledge about Doom2, from this interview with BahdKo, who was an eyewitness to a game between Soviet and a player who wishes to remain anonymous.

<Compet-Not> so BahdKo, what did you see at the beginning of the game?

<BahdKo> Well, I was looking over <censored>'s shoulder while he was playing Soviet in this Dwango5 Map1 game. Only it wasn't really Dwango5 map1, as Solviet was requiring these really weird settings.

<Compet-Not> Such as?

<BahdKo> For one, the game was permitting jumping, which is something Dwango5 Map1 was just not designed for. They were able to just jump up and get the Plasma gun, which really made a mess of that map. All of the items were set to respawn, which isn't so bad on Dwango5 Map1, but combined with the jumping for the plasma, was overkill. Plus I am told that the game had mouselook enabled, which this map was most certainly not designed for. Dwango5 Map1 is, after all, simply a mod of Shotgun1.wad, a wad that contained primarily SSG. Mouselook is pretty useless in fast SSG duels.

<Compet-Not> As the game progressed, what did you see?

<BahdKo> The first thing that I noticed was that Soviet was not actually all that bad. He seemed to know to use the SSG in the SSG arena area of the map, for example. But then, I realized that his player was changing colors.

<Compet-Not> Changing colors?

<BahdKo> Yeah, Soviet had somehow made his zdoom player so that, on <censored>'s screen, it was constantly changing colors. I for one thought it was visually confusing. When I play, part of how I search for a player, especially at a distance, is color recognition.

<Compet-Not> Did you notice anything else?

<BahdKo> Well, <censored> won't talk to me about it now, but he told me at the time that the connection method between the two zdooming machines was set up by Soviet, and that it gave Soviet a significant connection advantage.

<Compet-Not> Thanks for your time, BahdKo!

Soviet's great depth of knowledge about Doom2  is evident in these IRCnet #nightmare logs:

<TD_Soviet> map01 is not played anymore other than zone

<TD_Soviet> what is 30ns?

<TD_Soviet> i dont have doom.exe

<TD_Soviet> i can get up 2 level 3 on an nm speed run

<TD_Soviet> face it doom2.exe isnt an online game
<TD_Soviet> it wasnt ment to be , it was never ment to be one, it will never be one

<TD_Soviet> and i dont think someone is good if they beat me on map01
<TD_Soviet> cause they stand in plasma hall
<TD_Soviet> and i respawn in their face
<TD_Soviet> see i dont give a fuck about that
<TD_Soviet> cause like those players are fucked when they play a good map with some skill and start

That's the end of the Compet-Not profile on Soviet. Stay tuned for our next Player Profile on "Chewy"!

Second Update! :: (December 26, 2001)
Dashiva has made a report, with commentary, on Waldon's recent Doom2 Map15 Skill 4 speedrun. Waldon's run was done in 1:23 and is the current Compet-N record for this map. Dashiva's commentary is here to be downloaded . If your browser does not launch the commentary correctly, you may wish to right-click the link for the download, and then select SAVE so that you can view it with your default Windows .avi viewer. You may also need the Div-X codec which can be downloaded from their page here .

First Update!
Well, the first demo of the Compet-Not site is up! See BahdKo take on Henning Skogsto's recent Doom2 maps 1 - 10 speedrun in 13:87 , in skill 1. You can also see Henning's original Nightmare 07:26 speedrun that inspired it, courtesy of Compet-N .

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