Player Profiles by BahdKo

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You are my opponent, but not my enemy,
For your resistance gives me strength
Your will gives me courage
Your spirit ennobles me
And, although I aim to defeat you,
Should I succeed, I will not humiliate you
Instead I will honour you..
For without you, I am a lesser man.

-- edited version of a poem
from a TV ad for the Olympic Games
(Thanks, Fodders )

Doom Deathmatch has experienced a number of distinct periods of activity since it officially began on December 10th, 1993, and I have met and deathmatched with players who were active throughout all of these periods. Some of these players were important for their time, some were locals, some are no longer active but recordings of them persist, and some remain active today. I maintain and add 'profiles' to this page because today's doom players are expressing an interest in reading about both current and former players.

The profiles are divided into the time period during which the player's deathmatch scene participation began, if I know this information. If I don't, it the profile is placed in the period that first became aware of the player's participation in the deathmatch scene. You can click the name of each period to view an index of the players listed within that period.

Period name
Approximate Dates
Doom1 Days
Dec. 10, 1993 -
Oct. 10, 1994
Old School
Oct. 1994 -
Oct. 1996
Dead Zone
Oct. 1996 -
Dec, 1997

Jan. 1998 -
May, 2000

New School
May, 2000 -