August, 2003 netparty in South Riding, Virginia

The Summer, 2003 netparty was extraordinary in many ways. We had lots of people who came from all over, and we all had a great time. Several weeks before the netparty, so many people had  RSVP'd their intent to attend the netparty due to word-of-mouth transmission of the news, that no announcement was made to the doom news sites due to all space already being filled.

The first person to arrive was Ogreslayer (from Midlothian, Virginia) on Thursday afternoon. BahdKo (Stephens City, Virginia) arrived in a group with Morpheus (Montreal, Canada),  NC (Turku, Finland) and Ocelot (Helsinki, Finland) Thursday evening.  On Thursday night, Dominus (Dallas, Texas) was picked up from Dulles Airport, and a few hours later (early Friday morning), Toke (Tulsa, Oklahoma) was picked up from Reagan Airport.

Devastation (Halifax, Canada) was expected Mid-day Friday, but a freak power outage occurred all across the east coast as soon as his plane touched down in Ottawa. So, we waited, and he waited in a hotel room for power to be restored to the airports so that his connecting flight could leave for Dulles.

Sometime after midnight on Friday night/Saturday morning, Novotny (Annandale, Virginia) and Tellz (New Brunswick, New Jersey) showed up.

DevastatioN finally showed up Saturday evening, 24 hours later than he had intended. He was immedietely surrounded by cameras and at least one video recorder to make sure that what he was wearing would not be missed by the world.











BahdKo and Morpheus took pictures with digital cameras, and Toke brought a camcorder that was able to output to a TV tuner card. AVI's that are extracted from Toke's camcorder are being made available as they are created, and pictures can be found throughout this page.

The netparty setup and coordination was done by BahdKo, but some others helped with logistics. Morpheus chipped in to help with the expenses for the barbeque. The two white tables seen in some of the pics were originally the property of Greensting (who was unable to attend the LAN this time around). The monitor that DevastatioN used was a spare monitor supplied by Toke, who despite flying in, managed to bring two monitors total to the lan (he also gave this spare  monitor to BahdKo to keep for the next LAN when people fly in). BahdKo's mom, Sandy, helped coordinate food on Saturday and Sunday, and DevastatioN's dad Paul helped with the barbeque on Saturday night.

On Friday night, Dominus made spaghetti for everyone. And it was really, really fucking good.  He also made homemade habernero salsa to eat with chips, and for people who like extremely unbelieveably hot salsa, it was presumably really good (for the rest of us, it was dangerous). Saturday evening, Sandy and Paul grilled up hamburgers and hot dogs.

And of course, a lot of doom was played. There were games on Map1, Judas23_, Dwango5 Map1, Dwango5 Map2, Shoot!!, Map7 (Dominus primarily), Dweller2 Maps 9, 11, and 16, and probably a few other maps as well. There were also several games of Deathtag ('Dwangotag'), which included one game that was neverending. In the last Dwangotag game, the teams consisted of Dominus+Ocelot vs. NC+Devastation, and neither team could complete the game according to the game rules. Both teams achieved a score of 5, but neither team could exit. The collective frags between the players is believed to have been over a thousand when the players finally got frustrated enough to call that Dwangotag game a draw.

Demos that are currently available from this LAN are:

Dev's Pack (Map1) (Map1) (various)

Video segments available from this lan (most content filmed by Toke, edited by BahdKo)

These avi's require the DivX codec for the video portion ( and MPEG layer3 for the sound (

cookout1.avi (15.7 megs, 320x240)
Duration: 1:28
Dominus, Toke, Sandi, Paul, Novotny, Ocelot, NC, Ogreslayer, DevastatioN, Leafy, Morpheus

dev-vs-oce.avi (11.0 megs, 320x240)
Duration: 1:16
Doom2 Map1 game segment between
 Devastation and Ocelot.
Dominus, BahdKo, Ogreslayer spectating.
nov-vs-oce.avi (16.7 megs, 320x240)
Duration: 1:39
First Doom2 Map5 game between
Novotny and Ocelot.
(4.33 megs, 640x480)
Duration: 0:24
The infamous pillow beating of the sleeping DevastatioN by Toke.

dom-vs-dev.avi (37.8 megs, 320x240)
Duration: 4:48
Doom2 Map1 game between
Dominus and DevastatioN
dom-vs-nc.avi (19.5 megs, 320x240)
Duration: 1:49
Doom2 Map1 game between Dominus and NC. Ocelot and Ogreslayer spectating.
novotny.avi (9.5 megs, 320x240)
Duration: 0:35
Novotny talks about a speeding ticket.
Novotny, NC, Ogreslayer, Ocelot,
Dominus, BahdKo.
cookout2.avi (14.1 megs, 320x240)
Duration: 1:04
Dominus, Novotny, DevastatioN, NC, Ogreslayr, BahdKo, Ocelot, Paul, Sandy. Toke speaking off  camera.
dwangotag.avi (18 megs, 320x240)
Duration: 1:39
Ocelot, NC, Dominus, DevastatioN

Other still pictures can be found here:

Misc Picture Directory