Bright Doom2 cheat modification

Effect:  Causes the entire doom2 environment to have a higher light level than standard.

Why it is a cheat:  Has an advantageous visual effect not normally available in Doom2.

Method of Implementation:  Is a pwad, could also be done with some other doom2 modification.

How it works: The cheating player loads a pwad or edited doom2 version when he starts the deathmatch game. The pwad causes the map light levels to be higher than standard.

Number of versions observed in existance:  One

Details on implementations:

The observed version is a pwad which does not cause a consistancy failure when the other player does not have it loaded as well.

The map light levels are brigher than normal, so the cheating player is able to see the other player's location when the other player is in an dark area and normally would not be visible.

Detection method:

Visual observation of the player's screen as the game is played.

On maps with extremely dark areas, viewing deathmatch recordings in which the cheat was loaded by one of the players could reveal circumstantial evidence.


There are no downloads related to this cheat at this time.