Webhosting on Doom2.net

Doom2.net hosting is for Classic Doom or Doom2-themed websites. It is free and has no banner ads. We reserve the right to pick and choose the websites based on their quality and content - - we don't want to link pages that look worse than Doom2.net itself does. This is not a high plateau in web design quality to reach, as you may have noticed.

The amount of disk space you may use will vary based on your site's requirements. Disk quotas are implemented primarily to prevent abuse and to prevent server problems if your account is hacked, and can be increased as needed. There is a public wads and lmps directory, so these kinds of files do not go toward your disk quota total usage.

Locally-held sites show up as "http://www.doom2.net/sitename".

Access is plaintext FTP. 

Abuse gets you booted. Abuse includes using the disk space for stuff that is not related to your doom2 website, among other things. If in doubt, ask. 

Contact email for new websites or questions: