Lanparties (also called Netparties) are when a bunch of people all bring their PCs, meet at someones house (or sometimes meet at an office or other building), set up and network their computers together, and play network games over that local network. Lanparties can be as small as just a few local players getting together for a weekend, or hundreds of people meeting in a hotel or gymnasium. Depending on how many semi-local doomers you know, doom-oriented lanparties may be hard to find and organize.


Lanparty Documentation

February, 2004 netparty in Montreal, Canada  

August, 2003 netparty in South Riding, VA  

March, 2003 netparty in Dulles, VA

August, 2002 netparty in Stephens City, VA

December, 2000 netparty in Stavanger, Norway

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