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This is not a Doom site per se, it is a site composed of quotes from well known
Doom2 player and IRCer Chunkk. Chunkk's perspective of the world is
certainly unique, as well as containing a few four letter words,
some bathroom humor, and being politically twisted.
Thanks to Brian Hess (Wendigo) for putting all of this in one place! -- John Romero's Doom Site -- Historical Doom stuff available nowhere else. Doom site with varied content. Doom site with varied content, some broken links Doom site with general content, including information about console-based Doom as well as PC. Personal doom page with straghtforward content.  Section of a site dedicated primarily to reviews of recently-released wads. The page visitors write the reviews. Also has a forum. A strange looking doom page. Appears to have X rated wads on it. Another personal doom page, has info + stuff A personal doom page, the guy has a weird attitude tho. The "deathmatch cheat" he describes is way, way out of date, and has not worked on an up to date Doom2 version since 1995, if even then.  Single player oriented site for doom and doom2. Doom site of Swedish Fish, a single-player wad author.

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