Mihha EFnet #doom2 log segments

Session Start: Wed May 28 13:10:51 1997

(then much later)

*** Joins: Mihha (Tomi.Mihal@ac38-p16-zg.tel.hr)
<Mihha> Hi
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<Mihha> wow!
<JFL> hi
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* JFL is back -- I know.. Who cares.
<Mihha> Hi guys...
<Mihha> any good doomer here?
<JFL> hmmm all
<Mihha> any good lmp?
<Mihha> from where are you come
<JFL> Montréal, Québec
<JFL> ;)
<Mihha> wow
<Mihha> i am from Croatia
<Mihha> i am best here
<JFL> hmmm
<stello> hahah
<stello> where you from mihha?
<Mihha> I am from Croatia....
<Mihha> Zapresic....
<Mihha> Near Zagreb....
<stello> woah
<stello> well, if you wanna spring for the call?
<Mihha> can you send me some good lmps...?
<DCKilljoy> :-)
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* Bahd^QS is away: doin stuffs
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oPING 864863381o from: Bahd^QS
<DCKilljoy> Aren't there some lmps on Bahd's file server thingy?
*** Parts: stello (stello@ip-43-124.tus.primenet.com)
<Mihha> DCKILL: over DCC if you can send me....
<Mihha> i wanna LMPs over the world....
<Mihha> thanx
<Mihha> merlin?
<Mihha> thats good doomer
<Mihha> i heard of him
*** tORn fLESh: 10 Minute LAG Update
<Mihha> !doom2
*** Joins: Whitedrgn (ssd107@Access-ISDN1-40.aa.psu.edu)
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<Whitedrgn> QS
*** Joins: Booger (Snoteater@ppp-494.ihug.co.nz)
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*** JFL sets mode: +oooo Bahd^QS GoatKeepr BFGfreak FileSv^QS
*** JFL sets mode: +vvvv Bahd^QS GoatKeepr BFGfreak FileSv^QS
<Whitedrgn> JFl, Lemme have a voice
<JFL> why ?
<JFL> this is not a moderated
<Booger> wooo,+v,now there's some mighty power ;)
*** tORn fLESh: 10 Minute LAG Update
<Whitedrgn> Because it makes me look cool
<Whitedrgn> :)
<JFL> hmmm
-JFL- <WallOps/#doom2> any op alive here ?
*** Joins: _spinal_ (_spinal_@ua26.dreamscape.com)
*** FileSv^QS sets mode: +o _spinal_
*** BFGfreak sets mode: +o _spinal_
<Whitedrgn> I want to have a voice la la la la la la
<DCKilljoy> Hey _spinal_
<_spinal_> hey there whats up
<DCKilljoy> Not a lot.  Just hangin' out...
<Mihha> spinal
<Whitedrgn> Hi Dc, How's it hanging?
<Mihha> do you remember me
<Mihha> WOW!!
<Mihha> spinal is here!
<_spinal_> hi mihha
<Mihha> Spinal... you beat Thresh ,
am i right?
<Mihha> you play very good!
<DCKilljoy> wd, not bad, yourself?
<Whitedrgn> :) I'll beat any1//Quite fine, DC
<_spinal_> Nope I never beat him. came close but he got his new monitor then
<Mihha> i am first time here on EFFNET!
<Whitedrgn> What is DC stand for
<DCKilljoy> Death Corps
<Mihha> _spinal_ but on your site is replay when you beat thresh....
*** _spinal_ sets mode: -b *!*Doom2@*.city.ac.uk
<Mihha> hm...
<_spinal_> ok jfl did it
<_spinal_> No its an lmp of thresh
<JFL> hmmm
<_spinal_> beating someone else<Mihha> that's not thresh
<_spinal_> why is it not thresh?
<Mihha> thresh is not good with BFG-s
<_spinal_> he isnt?
<_spinal_> He seemed pretty good when I played him a long time ago!
<Mihha> can you give me op?
<Mihha> do you have LMP?
*** Joins: McCream (SpAzz@man-as4s18.erols.com)
<Booger> Mihha: what country are you from?
<McCream> Booger...ahhhahhhahhh cool name
<McCream> hey Bahd
<Mihha> I am from Croatia!
*** Parts: McCream (SpAzz@man-as4s18.erols.com)
<Mihha> hey guys... sorry but now i must go!
<Mihha> see am again...
<Mihha> THX!
<DCKilljoy> See ya.
*** Parts: Mihha (Tomi.Mihal@ac38-p16-zg.tel.hr)

(Then later)

*** Joins: Mihha (Tomi.Mihal@ac37-p12-zg.tel.hr)
<Mihha> hi
*** Joins: Sto (rbishop@port21.buttenet.com)
*** JFL sets mode: +o Sto
<Sto> hi
<JFL> hey
<Sto> hey
<Mihha> !doom
<Mihha> !doom2
<Mihha> anyone wanna play doom2?
<Sto> what's doom2?
<Mihha> hehe...
<Sto> i'm Serious
<Mihha> game...
<Mihha> sto: you are in channel #doom2
<Sto> well
<Sto> what is it then
*** Joins: moumou (gaetan.lap@ppp6121.qc.sympatico.ca)
*** moumou changed nick to killer16
*** Joins: helpme (USER@nc86-38.thegrid.net)
<killer16> hey all!
<Mihha> yea?
<Mihha> killer16?
<Mihha> I am killer....
<Mihha> hehe...
<killer16> :)
*** Parts: helpme (USER@nc86-38.thegrid.net)
<Mihha> killer:wanna play doom2?
*** Joins: |P-funk| (123@35.newark-002.nj.dial-access.att.net)
<killer16> i stop to play this game since a while..
<killer16> i am dukers
<killer16> i play duke3d:)
<Mihha> what do you do in doom2 channel than?
<killer16> but i was playing doom2 before
<Sto> What's Doom2?
<killer16> a women:)
<Sto> cool
<killer16> mihha:i come here to talk with people
*** tORn fLESh: 10 Minute LAG Update
<killer16> sto:she is very sexy...
-JFL- <WallOps/#doom2> hehehe
<Mihha> i know
<killer16> me too
*** Quits: Sto (Closing connection)
*** Quits: killer16 (bye bye tout le
monde à demain et pleurer pas
trop surtout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
*** Parts: Mihha (Tomi.Mihal@ac37-p12-zg.tel.hr)

*** Joins: Mihha (Tomi.Mihal@ac10-p6-zg.tel.hr)
<BahdKo> damn i dont know what your mom doesent like about it .. its common connect procedure.
<Cephaler> crap, mom don't like that
<Mihha> hi
<DooMeR|DR> heheh
<BahdKo> hi mih
<DooMeR|DR> your mom's more strict than my mom
<DooMeR|DR> and that's pretty strict
<Cephaler> man, this sucks
-> -DooMeR|DR- hey can you accept DCC sends?
<Mihha> yea....
<Mihha> anyone wanna play doom2?
<BahdKo> where do u live Mik? im in Maryland
<Mihha> Croatia....
<Mihha> hehehe...
<BahdKo> oh wow
<Mihha> And I am best here....
<GRC-Maile> jesus christ!
<BahdKo> amazing .. do many people play there?
<DooMeR|DR> hehe
<Mihha> Maryland?
<BahdKo> thats where i live, Maryland
-_duke_- all i can say is if gatorc makes a snappy comment about duk3d hes +b [ <-{w.c}-> ]
* |P-funk| is back
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<Mihha> yes
<Mihha> many peoples...
<Cephaler> wow, most of us are in east coast
<Mihha> Croatia/Germany has got best doomers...
<BahdKo> oh, do you know Dasa then?
<Mihha> (in Europe)
<BahdKo> a Dasa from Germany comes here sometimes
<Mihha> Of course .... Me and Dasa are best doomers
<Mihha> Dasa Sven Huth
<DooMeR|DR> I have heard of Dasa, but not Mihha :)
<BahdKo> cool, well he was on even today :)
<Mihha> He will come to Croatia in 2 weeks
<Cephaler> Wouldn't be so sure... where does Xoleras live? He kicks ass
<DooMeR|DR> Xol lives in AZ.
<BahdKo> Xoleras lives in Phoenix, arizona and he is an op in here.
<Mihha> Xoleras don't know to play doom...
<DooMeR|DR> hahah
<BahdKo> mihha: ahh hah sure.
<Cephaler> Whatever Mihha
<Mihha> really
<DooMeR|DR> Mihha, that was the stupidest thing I have ever heard.
<Cephaler> He can prolly kick my ass 600 to 50 or something
<Mihha> 100%
<Cephaler> woops, I mean 5 :)
<DooMeR|DR> cephal, he could beat you 600 -10
<BahdKo> Xoleras Rules
<Mihha> if he wanna play i will beat him 30:20 in frags 100%
<Cephaler> hehehe
<Mihha> haha...
<Mihha> good joke
<BahdKo> mih i dont see where you 2 can play, its an overseas connect, that would suck ..
<BahdKo> he might tho ..
<Mihha> i seen replays from Xoleras....
<Cephaler> unless u 2 have isdn's or something
<DooMeR|DR> Cephal, doom doesn't accept a connect over 19200
<GRC-Maile> hmm do you have any demos of yourself mr. mihha?
<Mihha> Off course
<Mihha> i beat Dasa....
<DooMeR|DR> mihha, how bout you send us some
<BahdKo> hmm
<Cephaler> Yeah, but isdn would stop lag some
*** Joins: Booger_ (Snoteater@ppp-265.ihug.co.nz)
<DooMeR|DR> prove your worthiness
<Mihha> Ok but i have replays on other disk....
<GRC-Maile> send us the demos
<Cephaler> DCC me a copy
<Mihha> i can send you only some old demos....
<Mihha> if you like.....
<Cephaler> we want new dammit
<BahdKo> aww heh
<BahdKo> mih: maybe if you check back in, Xol will be around and you can try a game with him ..
<Mihha> I don't have....
<Cephaler> (j/k)
<Mihha> I have one from 2. month...
<Mihha> 97
<Mihha> its ok i think...
<DooMeR|DR> Mihha, if you can actually say,"Xoleras Sucks," then you better be godlike,i mean like above godlike
<GRC-Maile> *nod*
<Cephaler> For real
<Mihha> I will send replays to Doomer|dr
<Cephaler> Xoleras was in here yesterday
BahdKo> heh yeah .. xoleras is like, thashit.
<Cephaler> he's modest
<DooMeR|DR> Hehehe
<DooMeR|DR> WHy you choose to send the demos to me?
<Cephaler> doomer how fast your connection?
<DooMeR|DR> Woohoo Hepcat's online
<DooMeR|DR> I'm on a 14.4 rite now, but i'm gettin 56k soon
<DooMeR|DR> hee
<Cephaler> really? me on 14.4 too :)
<Mihha> i am 14.4 too..
<DooMeR|DR> mihha, who are you playing in this demo?
<GRC-Maile> hehe i have a 56.6
<Cephaler> so is bahd, I think
<Mihha> doomer: what?
<Mihha> doomer: i cant send you....
*** tORn fLESh: 10 Minute LAG Update
<Cephaler> What? who is that?
*** tORn fLESh: CTCP Request: oPING 864948112o from: BahdKo (creeper@col-as6s35.erols.com)
<DooMeR|DR> Who are you playing against in the replay you are sending me
<GRC-Maile> just send email
<BahdKo> mih: can you send to me and ill put it on the fileserver?
<DooMeR|DR> yeah
<BahdKo> if you want, that is.
<DooMeR|DR> just send email my adress is Doomer@netherworld.net
<Cephaler> that'd be cool, bahd
<Mihha> i will send to gr-maile
<GRC-Maile> no
<GRC-Maile> send to Doomer@netherworld.net
<Cephaler> Or are you just trying to get out of a lie, mih?
<GRC-Maile> gosh darn it
<DooMeR|DR> yeah
<GRC-Maile> *** tORn fLESh: oDCC SENDo Request from: Mihha (Tomi.Mihal@ac10-p6-zg.tel.hr)
<GRC-Maile> dont send it to me
<BahdKo> ill take it tho.
<DooMeR|DR> Email it
<Mihha> ok....
<GRC-Maile> send it to doomers email :P
<DooMeR|DR> You know how to emaiL? :)
<Mihha> yes
<DooMeR|DR> Mihha, what level and who are you playing in this replay?
<DooMeR|DR> Heh replay
<GRC-Maile> hehe
<Mihha> ok
<Mihha> some guy.....
<GRC-Maile> do you use a mouse mihha?
<Mihha> he's not very good but he is good
<Mihha> off course
<DooMeR|DR> hehe
<Mihha> best doomers only use mouse.....
<GRC-Maile> or a gravis pad?
<DooMeR|DR> whew
<GRC-Maile> hehe
<Mihha> gravis pad is peace of shit...
<BahdKo> mih: yupperz :)
<DooMeR|DR> All the cool people use a gravis gamepad though...<GRC-Maile> damn thats what i use
<GRC-Maile> i guess im cool then
<DooMeR|DR> Yeah me to
<DooMeR|DR> I can't believe you use mouse MIhha.
*** Retrieving #doom2 channel info...
<GRC-Maile> damn
<Mihha> replay sended.
*** Joins: prong (killbrth@irv-ca11-16.ix.netcom.com)
*** BahdKo changes topic to "<Mihha> gravis pad is peace of shit..."
*** Quits: Cephaler (Ping timeout)
<Mihha> hehe...
<DooMeR|DR> heh "sended"
<DooMeR|DR> man
<GRC-Maile> i dont even have a mouse on my computer
<prong> how do i run a wad file
<DooMeR|DR> Mouse is for people that don't have any finger skills.
<Mihha> sorry...
<prong> !doom2
<GRC-Maile> i use a touchpad
<BahdKo> hey
<Mihha> i play on keyboard too
<BahdKo> comon guys
<BahdKo> Mouse+keys is the way we all play, this guy wont know you are joking.
<DooMeR|DR> Yeah
<DooMeR|DR> I think Keyboard is second best controller next to gamepad.
<GRC-Maile> *nod*
<Mihha> i know....
<Mihha> hehe..
*** Booger_ changed nick to Booger
<DooMeR|DR> me? joking? ha
<DooMeR|DR> I would never joke about such a thing as this.
<Mihha> hey.... anyone have some replay from THRESH , and that must be MAP01
<DooMeR|DR> !!
<DooMeR|DR> Mihha, why do you want to see Thresh when Xoleras is better?
<BahdKo> i have one
<GRC-Maile> bahd, could u send me the demos? or will they be on the fserve? cause i cant dcc (dcc illiterate) hmm coudl you email the demo to me?
<Mihha> i wanna see!!!
<Mihha> is this on map07?
<BahdKo> mih: ok here it comes
<DooMeR|DR> Maile, I'll send you a copy of the email, what's your adress
<Mihha> when some guy beat him 80-?
<GRC-Maile> Maile@pacbell.net
<GRC-Maile> thanks doomer :P
<DooMeR|DR> brb
<Mihha> My e-mail is Mihha@hotmail.com
*** Quits: DooMeR|DR (DooMeR|DR)
<prong> does anybody have a full version of ULTIMATE DOOM?
<BahdKo> maile: yeah i can but theres a shitload of dcc's going on the fserve at the moment, they
will time out if i upload to email server,
<Mihha> hey
<BahdKo> i have it but we dont warez in here Prong.
*** Joins: DooMeR|DR (doomer@netherworld.net)
<DooMeR|DR> Maile, you get it?
<GRC-Maile> ok
<prong> where can i get it?
<GRC-Maile> lemme check
<GRC-Maile> ack
<GRC-Maile> not yet
<DooMeR|DR> At the store
<GRC-Maile> at a computer store :)
<DooMeR|DR> Man, I was just thinking how awesome 32 player Doom2 would be...
<GRC-Maile> ok gettin em
<DooMeR|DR> That would rock the world...
<GRC-Maile> yea heh
<DooMeR|DR> gettin what/
<GRC-Maile> then we could play on some of the regular doom2 maps
<GRC-Maile> the demos
*** Joins: PeepPeep (drowfight@deck-203.frankfurt.netsurf.de)
<PeepPeep> hello
<DooMeR|DR> so you got my emaiL?
<GRC-Maile> yepperz
<DooMeR|DR> ok, cool
<PeepPeep> maybe some1 here can help me................
<Mihha> hey!! i have this replay
<Mihha> thresh beat some guy on it.....
<Mihha> bahdo: thresh beat some guy on this replay
<DooMeR|DR> ?#
<PeepPeep>  1 need cheat for duke3d.............(i know theres a channel duke3d, but noones there ) ..........!!!
*** Parts: prong (killbrth@irv-ca11-16.ix.netcom.com)
<DooMeR|DR> I gotta eat my dinner, i'll brb.
<Mihha> and what now?
<PeepPeep> can some1 help me????????
<Mihha> only good
<Mihha> peeppeep : what do you want?
<GRC-Maile> hmm mihha what verion of doom2 do you have?
<BahdKo> peep: probably.
<Mihha> 1.666 , 1.7a ,1.8 ,1.9
<PeepPeep> i need a cheat for unlimited health/life for duke3d......
<GRC-Maile> dnkgod or something
<GRC-Maile> hmm
<GRC-Maile> i cant seem to view ur demo
<Mihha> dnstuff
<Mihha> dnkroz
<Mihha> aha... , the demo is for version 1.666
<Mihha> wait...
<PeepPeep> hmm..........i´ll try it , thanks..............
<PeepPeep> what else?
<Mihha> you can convert it to 1.9
<BahdKo> i dont know shit about Duke3d, yuck.
<Mihha> and then you must doom2 -playdemo demo -file map01old.wad
<Mihha> but you don't have map01old....
<Mihha> wait i will send you map01old.wad
<GRC-Maile> hmm could u send me the demo again too?
<PeepPeep> bye..........
<GRC-Maile> bye
*** Parts: PeepPeep (drowfight@deck-203.frankfurt.netsurf.de)
*** Quits: NiNjA (Ping timeout)
<Mihha> map sended!
<Mihha> ok
<Mihha> wait i will send you convertet demo
*** Quits: _duke_ (its just IRC peeps, dont take it so  fucking  seriously)
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<DooMeR|DR> Why does someone go into #doom2 and ask for codes for duke3d?
<GRC-Maile> hell if i know
*** Quits: DooMeR|DR (DooMeR|DR)
*** Joins: DooMeR|DR (doomer@netherworld.net)
<DooMeR|DR> ok, i send it
<Mihha> sended...
<Mihha> ok ... you can now see that me & Dasa are the best!
<Mihha> but i don't know can you see that on this old lmp....
<Mihha> it's lmp over modem
*** Quits: DooMeR|DR (DooMeR|DR)
<Mihha> at very bad connection
<Mihha> but its ok demo
*** BahdKo sets mode: +o GRC-Maile
<Mihha> hey
*** Joins: DoomeR|DR (doomer@netherworld.net)
*** FileSv^QS sets mode: -o GRC-Maile
<Mihha> does anyone have some thresh lmp from map01
<DoomeR|DR> Maile, i just sent you another of Mihha's demos.
<GRC-Maile> hehe
<GRC-Maile> thanks
*** FileSv^QS sets mode: +o GRC-Maile
<DoomeR|DR> Mihha, you ever heard of NoSkill?
<Mihha> no... what's this?
<DoomeR|DR> heheh
<DoomeR|DR> NoSkill was the greatest doom2 player of all time.
<Mihha> wow!
<BahdKo> mihha that one thresh.zip is the only thresh demo i have, just so that you know.
<DoomeR|DR> Everybody in the Doomin commmunity knows who he is...
<Mihha> How can he be the best...
<BahdKo> doomer: mihha is in germany, he may not know our players
<DoomeR|DR> Believe me, NoSkill was the best...
<Mihha> send me some replay from noskill if you have
<Mihha> hey bahdko
<DoomeR|DR> bahd, but NoSKill is so great... hehe
<Mihha> i an from Croatia
<Mihha> Dasa is from Germany
<BahdKo> ah ok
<Mihha> its 833 kb?!?!?
<Mihha> i have slow connection on effnet
<BahdKo> this is many recordings of him
<DoomeR|DR> well mihha, NoSkill, Chunkk, Merlock, Yerac <----- some of the best map1 players
<Mihha> hey... i am yesterday first time here on effnet
<BahdKo> well im off to do errands...
<Mihha> i was all the time on ircnet
<DoomeR|DR> Heheh, havea  fun time Bahdko...
<BahdKo> people PLEASE be nice to our overseas guests ;)
<Mihha> thx for noskill demos...
<DoomeR|DR> Heheh
<Mihha> Merlock don't know to play too....
<Mihha> if you ask me...
<BahdKo> god hehe
<BahdKo> u need to call Xoleras for a modem game and get your butt spanked i think ..
<Mihha> i love LMPs
<DoomeR|DR> Merlock and XOleras are better than Dasa, don't you think?
<BahdKo> anywayl ill be back a bit later
<DoomeR|DR> yea
<DoomeR|DR> mihha, why dont you play him on map11
<Mihha> off course its not better than dasa
<BahdKo> hey mihha you should type !doom2 and browse the LMPS directory
<Mihha> i know....
<Mihha> you saw my lmp
<Mihha> ?
<DoomeR|DR> Mihha, you sent me two demos rite?
*** Joins: Sto (rbishop@port27.buttenet.com)
<Mihha> 1 demo.... but 2. is converted to 1.9
*** doomrulz sets mode: +o Sto
<Mihha> !doom2
<DoomeR|DR> Mihha, do I have to load map01old.wad with the 2nd demo?
*** BFGfreak sets mode: +o Sto
<Mihha> yes...sorry
<GRC-Maile> well mihha i wouldnt say playing doom2 dm 2.0 is very cool
<DoomeR|DR> HAHA
<GRC-Maile> ever tried old dm?
*** tORn fLESh: 10 Minute LAG Update
* BahdKo is away: taking care of stuff (Since:o19:42:24o-Rec:oONo-Pager:oOFFo)
*** tORn fLESh: CTCP Request: oPING 864949994o from: BahdKo (creeper@col-as6s35.erols.com)
<Mihha> yes
<GRC-Maile> hmm
<Mihha> we hate old-dm in Croatia
<DoomeR|DR> Damn, map1 dm2.
<DoomeR|DR> doesn't sound too exciting
<GRC-Maile> ahh comes with the territory
<GRC-Maile> do you guys even use the bfg?
<Mihha> BFG is my best Weapon
<Mihha> I LOVE BFG!
<GRC-Maile> hmm
<DoomeR|DR> Heh.
<GRC-Maile> what do you guys do when the weapons run out?
<GRC-Maile> have a boxing match?
<Mihha> hehe...
<DoomeR|DR> hahahah
<Mihha> good doomers know what then they must do...
<GRC-Maile> hit the exit switch?
<DoomeR|DR> uhm...
<Mihha> nope
<GRC-Maile> hide?
<Mihha> run away very good
<GRC-Maile> but the other guy has a fist too
<Mihha> anyone can play dm1.0 good
<DoomeR|DR> Wow, it must take a really awesome doomer to hide.
<Mihha> i'll be back
<GRC-Maile> ok bye
<DoomeR|DR> Bye
*** xoleras is on IRC
<Sto> Has everybody got HALVAH spread all over their ANKLES?? ... Now, it's time to "HAVE A NAGEELA"!!
* Xoleras is jdmalone@pp82.atomic.net * Who Knows?
* Xoleras using irc1.phoenix.net [ircd.phoenix.net] Phoenix Data Net - Houston
* End of /WHOIS list.
<DoomeR|DR> Man i gotta upgrade my piece of shit computer.
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<Mihha> wow!!!
<Mihha> i saw NOSKILL
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<GRC-Maile> *** tORn fLESh: Possible split server: (*.idt.net)
<Mihha> He is very GOOD. Maybe better than me... but he wait to much and he has got little bit slower reflexes then Xoleras/Dasa/Merlock/Me.....
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<Mihha> hm...
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<Mihha> grc-mail : where are you come from?
<GRC-Maile> Cali
<Mihha> wow...
<GRC-Maile> yea heh
<Sto> The Osmonds! You are all Osmonds!! Throwing up on a freeway at dawn!!!
<Mihha> and ... what's the time in Cali.....
<GRC-Maile> 5:12 5/29/97
<GRC-Maile> 5:12 Pm
*** tORn fLESh: 10 Minute LAG Update
<Mihha> wow
<Mihha> 3:12 am
<Mihha> here
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<Mihha> i am very tired
<GRC-Maile> hi
<risilc> whats the clipping code for doom2?
*** Joins: ^^Nick^^ (Nic@modem08.talk-101.com)
<Mihha> idclip
<GRC-Maile> idclip
*** Parts: ^^Nick^^ (Nic@modem08.talk-101.com)
<Brew_Boy> idclip is cool in facility.wad
<Mihha> hehe...
<Brew_Boy> go out there and kickass
<Mihha> grc-maile : is noskill plays doom or he stoped with doom?
<Booger> facilitys fairly good,but i find using that doom army dehacked patch with fast respawning monsters is better if you want some aiming practice before a game
<Brew_Boy> yeah sure whatever
<Brew_Boy> hehe
<risilc> final doom rocks
<Brew_Boy> final doom blows.....
<risilc> no it doesnt
<Mihha> hehe...
<risilc> its just like doom2
<risilc> except more levels
<Brew_Boy> so does doom3d
<risilc> doom3d is out?
<Mihha> doom3d?
<Brew_Boy> i know who the hell would buy it for more single player levels .... when u can just download it
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*** Joins: Mihha (Tomi.Mihal@ac16-p16-zg.tel.hr)
<Mihha> Hi
<Mihha> !doom2
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<Bahd^QS> Hi Mihha
<BrewBoy> hey mihha
<DragonDM> hi mihha
<Mihha> hi
<Mihha> how are you guys?
<Bahd^QS> im ok, getting another server for BFGfreak tho
*** DragonDM changed nick to GreenDrgn
<BrewBoy> BFGfreak = DoomRulz??
*** Joins: BFGfreak (herrmann@echo.icmp.net)
<Bahd^QS> not exactly
*** BFGspazz sets mode: +o BFGfreak
<Bahd^QS> it helps out a bit tho
<Mihha> I wanna OP
<BrewBoy> is BFGfreak anouther bot?
<Bahd^QS> brew: sortah
<GreenDrgn> Mihha is an OP Bug!
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<Bahd^QS> yah op begging is bad news in any channel dude
<Mihha> heh... what?
<Bahd^QS> uhhhh
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<Bahd^QS> op begging can get u more problems good things.
<GreenDrgn> :|
<BrewBoy> Bahd where is duke ... i havn't not talked to him in a while??
<Bahd^QS> Hes helping Psycho this weekend
<BrewBoy> helping him do what?
*** BFGspazz sets mode: -b *!*JAMES@*.async.duke.edu
<Bahd^QS> moving
<BrewBoy> ok cool
<BrewBoy> i want to be older damn it
<BrewBoy> i want to drive at night
<BrewBoy> i want to drink legally
<Bahd^QS> mmhmmm
<BrewBoy> what do u do bahd? like a job?
<GreenDrgn> Hheheheh I'm not gonna say
<Bahd^QS> eh well when im not in school im an auto mechanic
<Bahd^QS> when im in school i dont work as much
<BrewBoy> oh yeah and u race a chevi
<Bahd^QS> back when i had the money i did dau
<Bahd^QS> yeah
<BrewBoy> and drive a honda
<BrewBoy> or the other way around?
<Bahd^QS> hehe no the honda aint a racecar
<BrewBoy> what kinda chevi u race?
<Bahd^QS> the car i have raced in the past is a 1979 Camaro, ugly as sin.
*** Joins: Leech (Del@ac17-p6-zg.tel.hr)
<BrewBoy> hehehe
<Bahd^QS> different motors in it
depending on what i have around
<BrewBoy> yeah that was a bad year
<Bahd^QS> lots and lots of mustang drivers get suckered into racing me hahaha
*** Joins: purdytat (teet@oly-wa3-10.ix.netcom.com)
<BrewBoy> my mom has on of those new Monte Carlos or something like that
*** Joins: Darks (woojin@
<Bahd^QS> ahh. they made those
front wheel drive in the new release.
<Bahd^QS> trying to fit in the same class as the continental i think
<BrewBoy> balh i have to eat
<BrewBoy> bbl
<Bahd^QS> er.. not the continental.
*** Joins: Booger (Snoteater@ppp-455.ihug.co.nz)
<Bahd^QS> some other car damnit
<Bahd^QS> Hi booger
*** Quits: BrewBoy (See ya!)
<Bahd^QS> Hi leech and purdycat
<Booger> hi
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<Bahd^QS> hm i wonder what they wanted
-> -Mihha- doomman aint that good ;)
<Mihha> anyone know good ifrag trackers?
<Mihha> around world?
<Bahd^QS> i dont even know any ifrag trackers :( i cant ifrag with my connect
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<Mihha> doomman aint that good?
<Mihha> why?
<Bahd^QS> hes OK but hes not a god
<Bahd^QS> well i gotta sort out the food i bought
<Mihha> DOOM 4EVER
<Bahd^QS> WOOP!
<Mihha> hehe...
*** Bahd^QS sets mode: +v Mihha
<Bahd^QS> Lets hear dat again!
<Bahd^QS> :)
*** Retrieving #doom2 channel info...<Mihha> it's 1:00am in Croatia
*** Bahd^QS changes topic to "DOOM 4 EVER !"
<Bahd^QS> mih: wow, it is 7:14pm here
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<Mihha> thanx bahd!
<Leech> No mihha here is 01:16
<Mihha> sorry... you are correct
<Bahd^QS> Leech: where are you?
<Bahd^QS> u both from croatia?
<Leech> yes
<Mihha> Bahd: do you have some good (your) LMP?
<Bahd^QS> wow, welcome to #doom2 Leecher!
<Bahd^QS> hang on i have to get dog in
<Leech> tans
<Leech> tanks
<Bahd^QS> a large rain started
<Bahd^QS> mihha: i am not as good as some here like Galiu and others, but i can send you one if you want
<Mihha> ok send me!
<Mihha> Bahd: you are duke in this demo?
<Bahd^QS> uhhhh no
*** SLaG has left IRC
<Bahd^QS> i am me and Duke is Duke :)
<Leech> I have seaned
<Leech> galiu
<Leech> playing
<Bahd^QS> Galiu is probably our best player
<Mihha> who is Galiu?
<Bahd^QS> him or Xoleras
<Mihha> from where?
<Leech> But thrust me mihha is much better
<Bahd^QS> Galiu lives in Montreal, and Xoleras is in Phoenix, Arizona, USA
<Leech> I have seaned galiu
<Mihha> Thats good!
<Vap> hey galiu has never played me :)
<Leech> he is a normal player
<Booger> hey vapor,are you going to finish that history part on your page?
<Bahd^QS> and vapor aint bad either ;)
<Bahd^QS> Vap fix ure ident grrrrrrrrrrrr
<Vap> probally soon booger
<Vap> i am working on a big project and it should be done soon
<Bahd^QS> ok im putting food away and shit, ill be idle ahwile
<Booger> wasn't a bad read turbo boy
<Leech> I have seaned galiu replayes
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<Leech> and I think here in croatia he would be at the 24 place
<MadmX> galiu is trying for the tourny...sounds like he is good
<Leech> really
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*** Joins: BrewBoy (Brewboy@chs0119.awod.com)
<BrewBoy> yello
<BrewBoy> !doom2
<BrewBoy> bahd u there?
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*** Quits: BrewBoy (See ya!)
*** Joins: |CraSheR| (MrL33T@1Cust23.Max27.Seattle.WA.MS.UU.NET)
*** Joins: EZ1 (me2201@ad22-025.compuserve.com)
<EZ1> hey hey
<Mihha> Hi
*** Joins: BrewBoy (Brewboy@chs0119.awod.com)
<EZ1> whats up
*** tORn fLESh: 10 Minute LAG Update
*** Quits: EZ1 (Leaving)
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<Mihha> EZ1... wanna play doom2?
<BrewBoy>  12,4De ColorZ
<BrewBoy> oh gawd
<Vap> hey how many people would you figure play some sort of multiplayer game?
<BrewBoy> Vap .....ehh  about 1 million
<BrewBoy> in the USA
<Vap> thats it?
<BrewBoy> if not alot more
<Vap> ok
<Vap> hehe
<Vap> just thinking marketting possibilites :)
<BrewBoy> well damn Vapor 1,000,000 x 25
<BrewBoy> minus da expences
<Vap> we got like 350 million in usa
<BrewBoy> yeah 1 in 350 would be about right
<Vap> hahaha damn i am so excited
<BrewBoy> Vapor  are we still keepen it on da low side?
<Leech> Bahd:do u know that mihha has winned at the doom2 tournament 79000$
<Vap> yea
<Vap> of course
<Vap> nobody knows what we are talking about :(
<Vap> :))
<BrewBoy> :)
<Vap> damn it i should be studying for finals
<BrewBoy> Vapor Fuck da Finals
<BrewBoy> Make Money
<BrewBoy> Make Money
<BrewBoy> Make Money
<Vap> yea
<Vap> :)
<Leech> Have u ever winned something
<Leech> ??
<Vap> yea
<BrewBoy> Leech Won .. not winned
<BrewBoy> Leech have u ever gonned to schooled?
<Leech> I'm not a american
<Vap> hehe :)
<BrewBoy> damn Hatians crampen our style
<BrewBoy> and those mexicans
<Vap> ehhe
<Vap> hey i am an albino african american
<BrewBoy> hahaha
<Vap> what?
<Leech> I'm not a mexican
<Vap> you laughing at me?
<Vap> ehhehe
<Leech> or some kind of american
<BrewBoy> Leech u Mexican american right?
<Leech> NO
<Vap> i am mexican
<Leech> I'mnot rom USA
<Vap> or at least was at some point
<Vap> hehe
<Vap> you following me? :)
<BrewBoy> Vapor no
<Vap> ok neither was I
<Vap> hehehe
<BrewBoy> Leech u African American??
<Vap> I am greek
<BrewBoy> Leech u South African American??
*** Parts: Mihha (Tomi.Mihal@ac16-p16-zg.tel.hr)

Session Start: Tue Jul 01 22:51:05 1997

(a bit later)

*** Joins: Mihha (~Mihha@ac10-p3-zg.tel.hr)
<Bahd^QS> Hi Mih
<Mihha> hi
<Price^QS> hey bahd
<Price^QS> didnt see ya there*** tORn fLESh: 10 Minute LAG Update
<c0r> lag
<JFL> um..
<JFL> :)
*** c0r changes topic to "what was that statement? 648k? nah..."
<Price^QS> ok
<Price^QS> now she is gone
<JFL> 648 ?
<c0r> er oops
<Bahd^QS> Hi Price
*** c0r changes topic to "what was that statement? 640k? nah..."
<Bahd^QS> respondin to email
<c0r> :P
<c0r> heh
<Price^QS> ah
<Price^QS> hehe
*** Joins: funkymonk (Pfunk@140.newark-001.nj.dial-access.att.net)
*** funkymonk changed nick to fUnKyMoNk
<c0r> funkymonk
<Bahd^QS> Hi Funknknknknknknk
<fUnKyMoNk> howdy
<c0r> fuck fuck fo bunk fe fi fo
dunk, fuuunk!
<c0r> er oops!!
<c0r> haha
<c0r> i meant funk
<fUnKyMoNk> sure...
<c0r> haa
<fUnKyMoNk> hehe
<c0r> hahaha
<c0r> seriosly
<c0r> haha
<fUnKyMoNk> yeah whatever
<c0r> :P
<c0r> funk funk fo bunk fe fi fo
dunk, fuuunk!
<c0r> there
<c0r> :P
<c0r> hehe
<fUnKyMoNk> þ)
<fUnKyMoNk> cyclops
*** Joins: DooMGoD (Price@chs0288.awod.com)
<c0r> þ-)
<Price^QS> squeek!
<Mihha> doomGod?
<Price^QS> wrong server
<Mihha> I am doomGod!
*** DooMGoD changed nick to TetSuo
<MadmX> phtttt
* TetSuo is using ¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.->KiLLiNpuNK<-.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.·´¯::By:: Price
<Price^QS> damn it
<TetSuo> ah
<Price^QS> im lagged
*** Quits: Price^QS (i'm just stayin' alive)
*** Quits: TetSuo (Mħ§ë¢®ë by ToeJam)
<c0r> hrm..
*** Joins: Price^QS (Price@chs0288.awod.com)
<c0r> bbl
*** Parts: c0r (c0r@d107-mfs.dancris.com)
*** Quits: JFL (Ping timeout)
<MadmX> yes c0r?
*** Quits: Price^QS (He's more punk then me!)
*** Joins: JFL (jfl@mon-pq4-07.netc
<JFL> !op
*** _DoomRulz sets mode: +o JFL
*** Bahd^QS changed nick to klazpadea
Session Close: Tue Jul 01 23:12:26 1997

Session Start: Tue Jul 01 23:13:53 1997
*** TF: Talking in #doom2
<Bahd^QS> oops
*** JFL sets mode: +o Bahd^QS
<JFL> hmmm man in black
-}Taurus9{- You have 2 notes waiting on }Taurus9{.
-}Taurus9{- For a list, /MSG }Taurus9{ NOTES [pass] INDEX
*** JFL changes topic to "HAPPY CANADA DAY!"
<Bahd^QS> what canada day eh?
<Mihha> Croatian night!
* JFL slams a 60 lb. unix manual on Mihha's head.
* JFL Thinks thats gotta hurt... But then again... Where there's no sense... There's no feeling!
<JFL> oups
* JFL thinks JFL is nuts!
* JFL thinks JFL is an early Primate...
* fUnKyMoNk nods
Session Start: Tue Jul 01 23:23:04 1997
*** TF: Talking in #doom2
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Session Start: Tue Jul 01 23:23:04 1997

(a bit later)

<Mihha> Mihha RULES!

(then on another day)

*** Joins: Mihha (tomi@ac26-p14-zg.tel.hr)
*** tORn fLESh: 10 Minute LAG Update
*** tORn fLESh: CTCP Request: oPING 873923742o from: Bahd^QS (creeper@col-as8s58.erols.com)
<HellKnigh> cajun want a sounds wad I have?
<Mihha> hi
<Mihha> !doom2
<HellKnigh> it works with doom and doom2
<BrV-Zokum> Hell: www.robin.no/~hauge/domm2.htm brvbeta cool sounds'
*** Parts: moham (moham@bootp-251-34.bootp.Virginia.EDU)
*** Joins: Brad16 (ircle@sl10.bedford.net)
<cajunshri> yap
<cajunshri> sure
<cajunshri> bring it on dude :)
<cajunshri> i have a good feeling about you :)