Doom Research

This page contains research articles that seek to demonstrate or explain various characteristics within Doom.

Authors who are not part of administration are encouraged to submit articles! We are actively seeking well researched material for inclusion on this site. Authors whose articles are  published here will obviously receive full credit for their work.

Please note that articles that consist solely of a bug report, or otherwise do not have any new, original research material, are not likely to qualify for inclusion.  

Articles can be submitted in either text or html format to   . All submitted articles will be reviewed by administration , and articles that appear reasonable will be added.

Current Articles:

Theory: Map07 is possible in -nomonsters and pacifist.
Movement characteristics of the player during falling from ledges and SR50, combined with player step height, mean it is physically possible (although difficult) for a player to get up onto the exit platform without it being lowered.

Shooting Through Things
Shots that 'ghost' or otherwise inexplicably do no damage on the monster or other player, even when the shot was definately lined up correctly, are finally explained.
Invited Author:
Doom2's gameplay superiority over Quake1
This is an exerpt from an essay written for the Clan QS (now defunct) homepage in which its author explains why he believes Doom2's deathmatch gameplay to be superior to that of Quake1.
The Backward-Masked Statement by the Final boss of Doom2 Map30
You may or may not already know that the demonic-sounding phrase that is spoken by the final boss in Doom2 (he appears on Map30 and has a big hole in his forehead) is a backward-masked phrase. Hear it both forwards and backwards in this report.
BahdKo and Andrew Rabert
The Sleepwalking Sergeant of MAP02
The shotgun sergeant in the leftmost cubby of the entranceway of Map02 cannot be awakened by the player by sight alone, only by sound or inflicting damage. This is explained by a bug in Doom's line of sight code where the doom engine accidently compares x and y coordinates instead of  y and y.
Invited Author:

The Running Corpse
Describes a series of behaviors within Doom which, when combined with a map having certain player start characteristics, causes a deathmatch player to be converted, upon his first death, into a corpse that can run around and open doors, but not shoot or be killed.
Invited Author:

SuperShotgun swingshot damage vs. non-swingshot damage as executed on a player object.

Compares the damage amounts between 10 frags done with swingshots and 10 frags done without swingshots. This 20-frag data segment suggests that the swingshot damage is significantly higher, and it would be worthwhile to repeat the experiment with a larger data segment.