Doom2 Utilities  Program which performs operations on LMPs (deathmatch recording files), includes reports on player movement statistics, and can switch the point of view of LMPs between players (which can be a better way to watch demos than hitting f12 to watch one player). This is the utility that creates the movement statistics in many textfiles that are included with released recording zipfiles. Windows-resembling, relatively sophisticated-looking launcher for Doom and Doom2 modem games. Permits usage of nonstandard COM/data port configurations, which doom2's serial driver cannot do. Has a chat window, WAD viewing abilities, and other convenience goodies.  Is able to query modems and build a good DOOM init string for you. Original use was as a DOS BBS terminal and BBS game launcher, and modem init string building was just a feature. Will demand that you shut down into true dosmode before you can run it. See the modem help link for more information about how to use apcidm to build an init string. This patch file upgrades DOOM 2 v1.666 REGISTERED to DOOM 2 v1.7a. Patches Doom2 v1.7a to 1.9. Make sure you read the readme file.  This patch file upgrades DOOM 2 v1.7 REGISTERED to DOOM 2 v1.7a. You do not need this unless you bought Doom2 and out of the box it says version 1.7.