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June 9, 2005

New project: Scythe II, the sequel to Scythe is now available. It contains 29 high-quality maps so download it from the downloads page asap! I recommend trying a skill level lower than 4 on the first playthrough, as the wad will get unfair towards the end on UV.


April 8, 2003

New project: Scythe, a megawad with 32 action-packed levels. Not much more to say about it, it's complete. Go to the downloads page to grab it, NOW!


Jan 23, 2003

Small update on the bldnight page, added screenshots of map11. This map was originally made for yet another project that didn't make it. The map is tech themed with nice and snowy surroundings.


Jan 22, 2003

Well, this page is up and running, here you'll find my current wad editing projects and possibly some demos. There are screenshots to look at on the individual project pages. My latest progress is on "one bloody night", ep2 which will be released some time during 2003.


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