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Hey, this is my Doom page and here you will find lmp's, wads (of my own creation [someday :)]), and many other Doom things. Please report any bad links or send comments to my email.
If you like DooM, make sure you stop by irc.stealth.net #nightmare and chat. If you have mIRC, click here. Some of the pages are bad links, because I've just changed the style of the site.
Special thanks goes to BahdKo, bahdko@erols.com, for hosting me on doom2.net ;)

I am not responsible for any legal claims. I acknowledge that DooM and DooM][ and all related materials belong to Id Software (Your bases belong to us!) :).
February 6, 2004
Added forums - please visit them and register!!
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Which one is better?


This site is not really designed for Netscape Navigator, but I'm trying my best to make it compatible. It is designed for Internet Explorer 4+.
Comments? Suggestions? Anything?

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