Deathmatch Recordings

"D5" denotes Dwango5.wad

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Comments/Description Connection Textfile Download
This is how it looks when Sedlo is on in map1. Check out the movement and ssg aim. LAN sd_fx005.txt
This is possibly Anders's best ssg game to date. That means, above-average ssging. Only slightly above average though. But yes, above average. LAN avsmu286.txt
More map1 goodness by Anders. LAN avsmu273.txt
And more map1 goodness by Anders LAN avsmu264.txt
This was one of my cleanest LAN performances in 2001. Obviously Nc did better than this against me on average. LAN nc43.txt
This one has some awesome ssg frags as well as great movement by Sedlo LAN sd_mih18.txt
Possibly Sedlo's best map1 performance in the year 2001 LAN s230601.txt
Xenos has an interesting, aggressive style in map1. That makes for an entertaining demo with wild ssg fragruns. LAN xt01-004.txt
This is most likely the best peformance I've seen in this map to date. The map being Judas23_ LAN sf212j09.txt
DevastatioN knows how to use the ssg. LAN iceju2.txt
Dominus+SSG=Murder LAN dxd59954.txt
A tense game in d5m1 between these two great players LAN dxd56657.txt
Xenos can hold his own in this respected dweller map as well. Check it out for yourself. You don't want to stand in the way of that ssg. LAN xtdw-002.txt

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