The Monsters!!!

After the initial invasion of monsters into the UAC facility was put down, a team which combined scientists and special forces agents went all the way through The Portal, into the environment on the other side. Their purpose was to study the indiginous life found there, and report back on both the characterists of the fauna and the potential of the area for human expansion and settlement. Half of the science team and several special forces agents perished while on the other side, and the report from the team regarding the settleability included the summary "Absolutely no way! This place may as well be Hell!"

The team was able to capture and bring back a few live specimins for study, as well as gather enough data to classify and, in some cases, document details about their behavior in their natural environment. A few of the monsters that were engaged in the Portal Invasion turned out to be genetic and surgical creations by an unknown intelligent being or beings, but most were unmodified fauna from the Other Side.

For immediete public release:

This report is taken from the data obtained in operation Beyond Hades, a now-declassified project where scientists accompanied by military personnel entered The Portal in order to initiate study on the fauna in the environment, and evaluate the territory for potential settlement and expansion. This report is limited to information regarding the creatures which were involved in the Portal Invasion, and is being released due to the intense public interest in these creatures.


Order: Porta

Family: Narereperea
Genus: Aetherpila

Species: Grandisbucca
Common name: Cacodemon

Species: Brutusoscaputa
Common name: Lost Soul (male/genderless)
Common name: Pain Elemental (female)

Family: Bipediacereignisa
genus: Ferecercopsa
Species: Acerartusa
Common name: Imp

Genus: Satyrus
Species: Arenaceuscolorarea
Common name: Hell Knight

species: Rubercolorarea
Common name: Baron of Hell

Family: Bipedfuga
genus: Demenstaurusa
species: Communisa Demenstaurusa
Common name: Demon

species: Lumanaqualisa
Common name: Spectre

Family: Vitaadducerea
genus:  Ardereignusa
species: Homoluminus
Common name: Arch-Vile

Notes regarding the life forms not found occurring naturally:



Spider Mastermind


Notes regarding the life forms not yet classified:


(Revenant report contains graphic images and descriptions)