Thunder Memorial Site
(Rachel Lynne Watkins)
February 14, 1983  - May 1, 2005

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Thunder was an active Zdaemon player from West Chester, PA. She was the sister of Vampy and fiancee of Niv. She played in the Storm zdaemon clan [s], with [s]tornado, [s]lighting, and [s]hurricane (Niv). She liked udm3 maps, especially map07 and map03. She also did parasailing at least one time, as is evidenced by the above photo!

Thunder had been playing Doom at her parents house for a while, and then she got her own Doom computer for Christmas from her parents in 2005 which she took to her own house. Vampy loaded doom into it, and she started playing Doom/Zdaemon more seriously around December 31, 2005.

Niv is making an .avi compilation of some of her demos that will be included on this site at a later date.

The following text was written for inclusion on this site by Niv, her fiancee.

Rachel Lynne Watkins was a wonderful person.  Actually, wonderful doesn't cover it.  It doesn't even begin to do so.  No adjective in the english language can come close to describing the positiveness with which she lived her life and which she brought to all those around her.

To those who didn't know her, the best way to describe her would be a "free-spirit".  This was certainly one (but not the only one) of her most endearing qualities. 

Rachel was also a very caring person -- able to drop anything at a moments notice for those she loved, asking nothing in return.  I witnessed this countless times in the relatively short time I knew her (short in comparison to the entire length of her life).  Knowing that I can't change the past and bring her back, one of my main regrets is not getting to know her, and marrying her, sooner in life. 

To me, she was the brightest light I had ever seen in my life.  I'd had relationships before, but my relationship with Rachel was different.  She was marriage material.  Here was a woman who I admired -- a woman with ambitions similar to mine, yet never having lost her sense of youthful fun. 

A week before the trajic accident occured, I had proposed to Rachel.  The best moment of my life was when she immediately said "Yes".  I hear other guys (my friends mainly) talk about the caution, or even fear, with which they approached their marriages but for me, no such feelings ever occured.  My life was about to change for the better by a magnitude, the thought of spending the rest of my life with such a perfect person had me on cloud 9.

My only thoughts at that point were "will I be able to bring her the same joy", "am I worthy of such a perfect woman", and "she's out of my league".  But Rachel, sensing that I was having those thoughts, used her very comforting personality to allay my fears.

I won't go into the circumstances surrounding her passing, except to say that that night was the worst time of my life.  Rachel and I had been in bed, sleeping, because she had been to the hospital the night before and were exhausted.  The narcotic pain-medications she had taken for her agonizing pain had eventually caused her to stop breathing once we got home, and went to sleep.  I woke up to find her cold and not breathing, dialed 911 on the phone, told them the situation and asked how to do CPR (which I then performed to no avail).  The paramedics showed up and pronounced her dead, after which I collapsed on the floor in shock. 

If I had not been sleeping so deeply, and woken up a bit earlier, she would still be here today. 

Rachel, I love you with all my heart.  I will miss you and love you for the rest of my existence -- rest in peace my love.

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