How to make Doom2 run under Win2k


Being able to run Doom2 in Win2k is typically made difficult by two things.

First of all, to make Win2k even attempt to run Doom2, it must be done this way:

(1) Open up a command prompt (DOS Prompt), if you cant find it on your PC, click -START-, then -RUN-, and type "command" in the text box and hit enter.

(2) Change directories to your Doom2 directory ("cd doom2" might be the command on a typical machine)

(3) Run Doom2 with an added, special command line parameter called "devparm", like this:

doom2 -devparm

Devparm mode was originally a mode where Doom2 runs with some special features enabled, presumably to aid the developers of the game. It has some black dots at the bottom left hand side of the screen which works as an indicator of the game's frame rate, hitting F1 causes it to take screenshots (creates *.pcx files in your Doom2 directory), and other things. I don't know what, but it does something that makes Win2k willing to run it (may be related to a "Real Mode" difference).

The second complication is with getting sound to work in the game. If you can't get sound to work no matter what you do, you could try this sound card emulator/interfacer at (Thanks to florian.proff.schulze (at) for the tip).

Other than the sound card emulator, the normal way to get this to work is as follow

(1) The sound card in the machine must be set up and functional for DOS emulation. This is likely to be the hard part, especially in these days of Let-Windows-Do-It-All-For-You mentality that is being trained into people.

(2) From the DOS prompt, you will need to run setup.exe and tell it the correct sound card parameters. Assuming your sound card is set up correctly, one way you should be able to view these settings is like this (im actually using NT to look at this, hopefully Win2k is similar):

Go into windows Control Panel, double click the "multimedia" icon, click the "devices" tab, click the + next to "Audio Devices" and click the entry for your sound card as it appears in the list. Then click the "properties" button at the bottom of that window, and in the new window that appears, click the "settings" button. Write down the settings you see there.

Then, from the command prompt, run setup.exe in your Doom2 directory, and try various combinations of those sound card settings for your sound card configuration. Run Doom2 and check for working sound after each new combination.

Hopefully, that helps. I do not personally own or run Win2k, if it was too much trouble for Microsoft to make it backward compatible with real-mode games, then it is too much work for me to install it (and certainly not worth paying Microsoft for the trouble). Im my opinion, any mainstream windows OS that can't run Doom2 properly is just BROKEN!