This site is maintained by DevastatioN, and is dedicated to DooM and DooM Deathmatching, on my site you can find Wads, Deathmatch recordings, LAN recordings, Links to other good DooM pages and a list of players that I have met and played.

If you have any Wads, Recordings or anything that you would like posted on this website, please contact me at and tell me what you would like posted, please do not send me the file if it is very big, just simply E-mail me telling me what you would like to have put on the page and we can make arrangments where I can pick up the file and do so.

I hope that you enjoy the site and find what you are looking for :)

Legal Bullshit:

DooM is a trademark of ID Software, I did not make any of the files on my site [except the recordings and maybe a GFX or 2] so you know, don't try and sue me saying I stole your stuff etc. etc.yada yada blah blah BS ok I'm done

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