"Most People Look At Him...
With Terror and With Fear!"

DevastatioN's Map1 Strategy Guide

DevastatioN's DooM Bible (Updated July 2010!)


LAN Recordings


DevastatioN: February 11th 2006
Uploaded my new guide, the DooM Bible, and also my old Map1 Guide reformated! VERY Special thanks to Kilgore for making the Map1 Guide nice and spiffy!
PS: Birthday is tomorrow! :D

DevastatioN: May 30th 2004
Well, I feel this is a big update, since I don't
usually update
http://chrisfelix.rules.it and it's

RaVaGe: May 30th 2004
OMG!! Got 10 frags on Dev on LAN!

DevastatioN: April 18th 2004
A bit of an update, gonna try and get some DM
lmps up soon!

DevastatioN: February 8th
Had a LAN with IceDagger, check LAN
recording page for demopack.

DevastatioN: November 21st 2003
Here for a special treat!