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BFG 9000
Map01 Tips and Hints

Map01 Strategy
When playing Map01, it is unlike other maps. In this map, you must play strategically and camp.

NOTE: This is MY way of doing things. Some people may disagree.

NOTE: For the sake of simplicity, I will say "he" throughout the whole document, since "she" is one letter bigger. :)

In the beginning, if I am green, I take all the weapons, switch to the SSG and shoot down to thw CG. I then take the RL and shoot a rocket in the same direction, then to my left behind my pillar. Your opponent may be hiding there. If he is there, and runs out, quickly switch to the SSG and rush after him, before he charges the BFG. If you shot the rockets and fragged him, run off the ledge and open up the SSG room. If he wasn't camping where you shot the rockets, then do a silent BFG while jumping off of the ledge, shooting it at the wall in the hall. You will be surprized how helpful it is against unaware opponents. If he wasn't there, switch to the SSG and peek around the corner. If he came out of nowhere, fall back and either switch to the SSG if you're good with it, or the BFG, if you're better with it. If you successfully fragged him, go out to the hall and control it. Run from one fork to another, occasionally firing a BFG blast down one, and run to the other. If you see him respawn, charge at him. Try to open all the areas.

You're Indigo
If you're Indigo, you could do a couple of things. I usually run to the CG and to the plazma. Then shoot plazma up against the silent back wall. Try to get every thing there and continue shooting up the hall. Or, instead of waiting, you could bump the Plazma, and wall run back up, controlling the hall. Another start is opening the SSG room. Then you could peek out and shoot every thing that moves. At the beginning you could also fall back and get the BFG, but remember to move away quickly in case he fires rockets your way. I usually try to get him with BFG traces. If that doesn't work, I run away to get weapons and open up the level.