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Here are the DooM][ Weapons, and my view on them.

Hand, Chainsaw

Not my favorite, but if no ammo left, use it. Also, if you are very low on ammo, and don't want to waste any, and if the other player has no weapons, it is sometimes good to punch them or saw them, especially if they're low on health. I wouldn't recomend it on good players though.


Usually not used often. I usually use the pistol when I've just been fragged, and I know that my opponent has low health, maybe 5% or 10%.


The shotgun is a very good long distance weapon. I usually use it when I respawn by the plazma, by running outside. Then, I stand on the water. I use it to pick off my opponent in the window of by the door, and if he/she comes outside, I stay as far back as possible.

Super Shotgun

My favorite weapon. I grab the SSG almost always and use it to blast them away. It is also very effective, because it can kill in one shot. Also, it is very handy for swingshots, which I love to try and perfect. A swingshot is a quick turn to shoot the opponent. You sort of, jerk the mouse to turn. One time, I was DMing, and I am very focused when I DM. My opponent ran by me in a hallway situation, and at that moment my mom came in, and brought with her a noise from the other room. I got startled, and my hand moved and pressed the button. It turned out that I had made the perfect swingshot!


I don't like this weapon that much, but it is sometimes very useful. It can be used to gun down the opponent when they're low at health, or, in other cases. I remember I was once DMing Dominus and he used the chaingun to keep me on the ledge. He manuvered with it very well, and I was stuck on the ledge, where he finished me off. The first two shots are dead center, so if you want to be accurate, don't hold the mouse down, but click it many times.

Rocket Launcher

Very good defence against BFG attacks. If I hear the grunt ("Oomph" sound) I always fire a few rockets into the entrance of my current room. One thing I always do, is that if I am on the ledge, and I know that the other player has the BFG, I always shoot 2 rockets down to the main hall, and hide. Usually what happens is, that the person tries to hit me with the traces, and runs into the intersection, and gets smoked by my rockets. Doesn't happen a lot with good players :)

Plasma Gun

The plasma is very useful when you respawn near it. I always try to bump it to get it, and often succeed. Then, when the opponent comes to frag you, you just spray them full of plasma. Try shooting a bit in front of your opponent, and spam it up the Map01 hallway (the one leading to the gun) sometimes, helps stop them from attacking sometimes.

BFG 9000

My second favorite weapon. The BFG can be used in many situations and is very helpful, especially its traces. For more information, check out the BFG page.