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Doom 64: The Original Game
Doom 64 was released for the Nintendo 64 in early 1997. It was one of the first FPS games for the system, along with Turok. The game had stunning hi-resolution graphics, new enemies, a new weapon, and item designs, and a whole new look. The game was still in actuality Doom, in fact using the very same engine (but slightly modified), but a new feel and look for a new generation of Doom.

For those who haven't played the game before, you might wonder what's so special about Doom 64. The game, first of all, had a whole new look, with larger sprites, pseudo 3D (using a glitch in the game's code, it's not true 3D like most people think), new textures, scrolling skies, and more. The game had custom scripting which is unbelievable what can be done with such an old game. The enviornments morphed, enemies faded in from thin air, waves of enemies come at you, and items spawn. The best mappers that could be found were hired by Midway for this incarnation of new levels. The levels are some of the best Doom levels ever.

A new weapon has been added this time. The long-forgotten Unmaker from the original Doom Bible is finally presented, a laser weapon that's fully upgradable. Also, two new enemies were added. The Nightmare Imp is a faster, purple, translucent version of the original enemy. Also, a new final boss was added. The Mother Demon is a boss with many attacks, including guided missiles and spewing flames across the ground. Old enemies have been spiced up a bit. Arachnotrons now fire 2 plasma shots, Pain Elementals now shoot 2 Lost Souls at once, and the Lost Souls themselves are much more aggressive.

The game had sounds from the PSX version of Doom, which are crisper, and with much more bass (pump up the volume!). The music is ambient by the genius behind PSX Doom's ambient music, Aubrey Hodges. Playing this game in the dark with the music blaring will freak you out for sure.

Doom 64, however, wasn't well recieved by the Doom community for many reasons. First of all, the style is different. Lovers of the original style might not like the darker feel, the new enemy models, and such. Obviously mouse control is gone. Multiplayer was ditched at the last moment. But the big loss is the things that got dropped due to the cartridge size being so low compared to a CD. Enemies were missing, including the Commando, Arch-Vile, Revenant, and Spider Mastermind. There's a mere 32 levels, a decent amount, though nothing compared to the 56 levels of the PSX verison. The final nail in the coffin was the controller isn't that well used. The digital control, which most are used to playing console Dooms with, turns way too slow, forcing you to get accustomed to the analog stick to play the game at it's full potential.

Still, even with the low points, I can't recommend Doom 64 more. I say you try it for yourself and see what you think. I personally love the style, and can live with the changes. If you can find it, pick this gem up, even after the TC is released.

The Doom 64 TC Team
The people who are currently working on the TC are Elbyan42 (music, graphics, sounds, organization), Kaiser (levels, graphics, implementation), Melfice (levels), Ghostpilot (graphics), Footman (graphics), Fredrick (palette), Lutarez (levels), and The_Doomer (levels). Other people who have helped on the TC, and though their work hasn't been used, they are just as important. These people are Esco, Whitetiger, X-Doom and Cory.

Doom 64: The Total Conversion
So, with everything said and done, and the source for Doom being released some time ago, the time has finally come where Doom 64 is finally possible on the PC. As much of the aspects of the original Doom 64 game have been implemented, along with some welcome additions to keep everything fresh.

There are 38 levels in the single player game, 32 from the original game and 6 completely new levels (Nukage Facility, Shadows Watching, Forbidden Deeper, Crisis, Death Labs and Doom 64 Museum). The pseudo-3D has been implemented, but regrettably, for technical reasons, keeping the bridges and having the originals multiplayer ready would be impossible. The bridges require that the player trip lines that make the bridge impassible where the player isn't (in other words, if the player is on top of a bridge, below the bridge is a solid wall, impassible). The team has decided to keep the bridges, but have had to cut multiplayer.

The sounds and graphics have all been carried over as well as animated fire skies and colored walls. All of the enemies are in the TC, especially the Nightmare Imp and Motherdemon. The enemies are hi-res, as are the weapons and textures.

The music has been recorded from the original game, edited, and have special versions designed for the TC, both in quality and size. All tracks are included. There are 2 versions of the music wad, a normal one, at 52 megs, and also a smaller one (for the 56k modem users) at 20.2 megs.

That's all to be said. Scripting, done. Levels, done. Music and sounds, done. Atmosphere, done. And most importantly, the gameplay and fun factor are perfect. It's not exact, as there are a few surprises in store, especially for those who are willing to search for them.

So, on behalf of the entire Doom 64 TC, enjoy. We hope you have as much fun playing as we've had making it.