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Here it is! Over a year of hard work by the Doom 64 TC staff. April 2002 is when we started, on July 1st we released the first version, and now on December 15th, the final version is here!

Please note, it's not exactly the same as it's N64 counterpart. We've added as much as we could in the time that we spent on it. Most gripes are nitpicky stuff, like some switch graphics aren't the exact same and such. But what we have here is a conversion that lets those without N64s know what they've been missing. There's mouse control, as well as 4 new levels, and a few new surprises in store. ;)

Deathmatch, while tried in the past, has been ultimately removed, unfortunately. When tested, the 3D levels just wouldn't work right, and the overall integrity of the game was pretty bad. Also, demos have been taken out due to playback errors and compatability.

To run the Doom 64 TC, You must have the Doom2.wad (hope you paid for it), the install file, and the music wad.

After download, simply run the excecutable and extract into your hard drive. A Doomsday installation is no longer required, so don't install into your Doomsday directory. After you install Absolution (the directory is already made), put your doom2.wad and music wad into the Absolution\Bin\Data\doom64\Auto\ directory. Then just run Absolution.exe in the Absolution\Bin\ directory and you're set!

Now, for the music. There are 2 music wads. There's the normal one, at 52 megs, which has all of the Doom 64 music in great quality, and the 56k one, which is just over 20 megs, which is lower quality, but still has all of the tracks and is decent quality. Simply put the wad into your Auto directory (as mentioned above) and you'll have beautiful ambient music.

Below are the links to the files. There are 2 mirrors to the Doom 64 TC file, and 1 mirror for the music wads. Use whichever one gets you the best speed.

Enjoy. :)

Doom 64: Absolution Total Conversion (20.8 megs)
(FINAL Version 2.3.1)
Mirror #1 - Doom2.net
Mirror #2 - Fourwinds

Doom 64: Absolution Music Wads
Normal Wad (52.4 megs)
Small 56K Wad (20.2 megs)

Download - Doom 64: The Outcast Levels

On July 9, 2005, Kaiser (Samuel Villareal) has finally released the add-on to the Doom 64 TC, called the Outcast Levels. It's more Doom 64 that you know and love, with 7 more levels, four new enemies, new items, and more. What are you waiting for? Download it!

To install, simply unzip the contents into your Absolution folder. Then just run the Doom 64 TC and you're set! When you pick a new game, there will be an option to either play Aboslution or Outcast. Please note that your old saved games won't work.

The patch also brings the version number up to Version 2.3.2. This changes some stuff, mostly minor. The plasma rifle's animation has been improved, the flying enemies seem a lot more free, and killing the Cyberdemon and Motherdemon causes an explosion animation. Basically improving on an already incredible product. ;)

One last thing to note. The Outcast Levels is basically unfinished, but Kaiser has decided to release them anyways. So there may be some bugs, but I didn't encounter any.

Doom 64: The Outcast Levels (7.3 megs)
(Updates D64 TC to FINAL Version 2.3.2)
Mirror #1 - Doom2.net
Mirror #2 - Fourwinds

Also, the Doom 64 source has been released. Here it is:

Doom 64 TC Source (8.8 megs)
Mirror #1 - Doom2.net
Mirror #2 - Fourwinds