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Hell Track :: (31st December, 2001)
This is the 10th contest at COMPET-N, and the first one featuring a level from scratch, designed especially for speedrunning.
First, get the map here.
  • UV Speed (fairly easy)
  • NM Speed (quite a challenge but possible)
  • UV Max (this might not be as much fun, the map was primarily designed for running. Still, possible)
  • NM100S (see NM Speed, this map does not have secrets)
  • UV -fast (this will be a challenge I think)
  • UV -respawn (yes, very different from Max, and much more fun)
  • UV Pacifist (I certainly could see this done)
  • UV Tyson, etc. (I think not)

    Demos should be uploaded to the contest subdirectory on the FTP. If you mail them to me, I'll upload them there. So if you want to keep your run secret, don't upload it before the deadline.
    Deadline is 23:59 CET, 31st January, 2002.

    Get running!

    The results

    Thanks for all the submissions. Obviously, Drew DeVore's trick drastically changed the running on this map, but I don't mind that :) As expected, the UV Speed category had the most entries, with Adam Williamson taking the win with a nearly flawless run. With no competition, he also snatched the NM Speed win, while the UV -fast category went to Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff, and the UV -respawn category went to Ole Hartvigsen. Hopefully, you'll see a new contest soon! :)

    Demos, UV Speed

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Adam Williamson 1:06
    Ian Sabourin 1:07
    Albert Valls 1:14
    Ole Hartvigsen 1:15
    Marko van der Want 1:17
    Drew "stx-Vile" DeVore 1:18
    Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff 1:24
    Arno Slagboom 1:28
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 1:28

    Demos, NM Speed

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Adam Williamson 1:17

    Demos, UV -fast

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Chris "Ryback" Ratcliff 9:39

    Demos, UV -respawn

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Ole Hartvigsen 2:43

  • Essorg :: (5th February, 2001)
    This is the 9th contest at COMPET-N, but it's the first ever to introduce a PWAD. It involves a level which you already know, but there's a twist to it (180 degrees twist :-)

    The task:
    Get the wad file and submit a 100% kills and secrets run on Ultra Violence. Other entries like UV/NM speedruns are also accepted, and I especially encourage you to try Tyson skill as well (which is fairly challenging here).

    Deadline is 23:59 CET, 28th February, 2001.

    Get running!

    The results

    First of all I thank all the players who participated, it was great to see so many quality runs. Congratulations to all players, it's been a real close competition till the very end. Henning Skogsto came out on top, with a very cool looking run of 0:46. Adam Williamson was close behind with 0:48, getting a well-deserved 2nd place, and Jonathan Rimmer just got a 0:49 in time to grab 3rd place, with Laszlo Vecsei getting the same time a few hours later.

    In the Tyson category, Radek Pecka was the first to send an entry, using a very nice "cyber-freeze" to make the job easier. Laszlo Vecsei and Mike Toliver followed his way, both getting close to Radek's time but couldn't beat it.

    The speedrun categories both ended in a winning time of 0:14, Albert Valls snatching the UV speed crown, and Radek Pecka getting the NM one.

    Thanks again for participating! As for the next contest, since it'll be the 10th one I hope it'll be a real cool one!

    Demos, UV Max

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Henning Skogsto 0:46
    Adam Williamson 0:48
    Jonathan Rimmer 0:49
    Laszlo Vecsei 0:49
    Radek Pecka 0:51
    Albert Valls 0:51
    Arno Slagboom 0:57
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 1:00
    Marko van der Want 1:00
    Mike Toliver 1:04
    Mark Thompson 1:22

    Demos, UV Speed

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Albert Valls 0:14
    Adam Williamson 0:15
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 0:16
    Mike Toliver 0:22

    Demos, NM Speed

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Radek Pecka 0:14
    Albert Valls 0:14
    Adam Williamson 0:16
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 0:21
    Mike Toliver 0:27

    Demos, UV Tyson

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Radek Pecka 1:46
    Laszlo Vecsei 1:52
    Mike Toliver 2:07

    Demos, UV Tyson

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Arno Slagboom An odd way to die...
    Adam Hegyi 0:45

    PS. Henning argues that I deserve the win because I had the fastest time around.
    I'm putting my demo up and leave you decide for yourself :-)

    Keygrabber :: (28th October, 2000)
    This is our 8th contest, and our "neutral observers" say it is one of the most interesting so far (and I hope it is). The task:
    Submit a skill 4 run in either Ultimate DOOM or DOOM2, where you grab 3 (three) keys of the same color. Which color? You choose. Which game? You choose. Which maps? You choose...

    Some more rules/guidelines:

  • The run has to be 1 continuous demo, without dying once.
  • You can choose the key color, but all the 3 keys grabbed must be the same color. So no E2M9 in 10 seconds demos please :)
  • It can start on any map and end on any map (3 maps at least, but you can do more if you think that's faster), as long as it's a continuous run (yes you can choose secret exits whenever you like).
  • Your time is the total time of your run (Yes, you absolutely HAVE TO finish the map where you took the 3rd key, otherwise your run couldn't be timed).
  • Be careful with key skipping tricks... there are lots of fast routes which skip keys on purpose :)
  • Some words of encouragement: as you can see there are lots of possibilities here, so if you take some time and find a good route, you might end up much better than you'd think!
  • Please name your demo cnt8-ttt (ttt is your time), and please write in the text file, which maps you ran, and what key you chose.

    Deadline is 23:59 CET, 30th November, 2000. The winner's prize is: You get a chance to update COMPET-N once, right after the contest is finished. You can write about anything you please (unless it's offensive/disgusting/etc).

    PS. There are a few other ideas by various people which I received, don't worry folks, I didn't forget about them, they might be used next time around. Until then, submit more ideas!

    Good luck!

    The results

    First of all congratulations to the winner, Jonathan Rimmer! He did an amazing job with finding a fast (probably one of the 2 fastest) route and doing a great run which earned him the victory. Adam Williamson scored 2nd on a different route, while the other players Doug "Opulent" Merrill and Mike Toliver went on with the route Jonathan chose.
    It's a shame only 4 players entered, maybe it was too hard? C'mon... it can't be a coincidence all 4 contestants chose one of the 2 fastest routes... anyone could've found these routes with half an hour of time spent on thinking. Anyway, next contest is going to be a short, action-packed one based more on skill than thinking. If you have an idea what this could be, don't hesitate to send it in!


    Player Time Maps
    ------- ----- ------
    Jonathan Rimmer 1:23 E3M2-E3M4
    Adam Williamson 1:40 MAP03-MAP05
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 1:54 E3M2-E3M4
    Mike Toliver 2:06 E3M2-E3M4

  • Dead? Simple? Really? :: (16th May, 2000)
    Uhhh..... was it really half a year since the last contest?
    Now anyway, I thought this time we'll have something "experimental". I really don't know how this will turn out, maybe you'll like it, maybe you'll not... Even if you don't like it we can go back "normal" next time. So what's the big deal, you ask? Well, this time the contest involves a modified DOOM2.EXE hacked a little bit by Dehacked. It's still the same EXE (not any goddamn port, worry not), everything behaves exactly like you expect, but I changed a few things.
    Why? Well, I have to admit I am running a little bit out of ideas for contests (I mean, *good* ideas) and I also wanted to see how you guys react to a little change... Don't worry, regular COMPET-N won't change a bit, but why not try something new here?
    There are 2 tasks:
  • Run MAP07 of DOOM2 on UV, and exit as fast as you can, using the "HIGH" mod (all monster hit points are doubled).
  • Run MAP07 of DOOM2 on UV, and exit as fast as you can, using the "LOW" mod (all monster hit points are changed to 1).
    OK, what you need is download this little zip which contains everything you need. It does NOT contain any kind of DOOM2.EXE, don't worry... just Dehacked, the patches you need, and instructions. Installation is EASY... you'll have your patched EXE's ready in no time.
    Deadline is... 14th June 2000, 23.59 CET. Good luck!

    The results

    A great number of demos coming in finally, in both contests. Congratulations to the winners, Jonathan Rimmer (LOW) and Istvan Pataki (HIGH). Very interesting to see so much tactics involved in both runs, especially surprising in the LOW run (just see the different routes in the demos). I think I can say that the mods were successful as a contest, but that doesn't mean we'll have a mod contest next time (we'll see... depends what you want really!). NOTE: To watch the demos, you need to have LOW.EXE and HIGH.EXE (duh). If you don't have them because you didn't play the contest, I suggest you download the mod which will let you see the demos.

    Demos, LOW.EXE

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Jonathan Rimmer 09.54
    Adam Williamson 10.17
    Albert Valls 11.54
    Radek "R. Master" Pecka 11.85
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 13.28
    Arno Slagboom 14.20
    Simon Broadhead 16.45
    Bjorn Hamels 34.32
    Claudio Barba 1:39.34
    Ole Hartvigsen 20.48 (after deadline)

    Demos, HIGH.EXE

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Istvan Pataki 2:09
    Adam Williamson 2:14
    Claudio Barba 2:15
    Jonathan Rimmer 2:43
    Adam Williamson 2:08 (after deadline)
    Ole Hartvigsen 3:13 (after deadline)

  • The Fortress of Fragstery :: (28th November, 1999)
    This is our sixth contest, and so far only one was an Ultimate DOOM one, so I thought it's high time we had another one.
    The contest map is E2M9, Fortress of Mystery. We'll have two contests, somewhat similar, but they could require different tactics.
  • On NightMare! skill, get 100% kills and secrets, and exit as fast as possible.
  • On NightMare! skill, get as much kills as you can, and match or beat the par time (this style is called "speedfighter" - invented by Ralf and Arno at DANG). Highest kills percent wins, time doesn't count (only be sure to equal or better par).

    Deadline, um, is 24th December, 1999, 23.59 CET. I hope I can give you the results before the world ends :))

    The results

    Quite a healthy number of demos, and very high quality in both styles. Definately not an easy task in this chaotic map, but I think the players who tried this contest agree that it was quite fun.
    Both runs are very hard to optimize - so an even bigger congratulations to the winners, Adam Williamson and Vincent Catalaa.

    Demos, NightMare! 100/100

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Adam Williamson 0:39
    Vincent Catalaa 0:40
    Adam Hegyi 0:40
    Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic 0:42
    Selim "Bastard" Benabdelkhalek 0:46
    Arno Slagboom 0:55

    Demos, NightMare! Speedfighter

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Vincent Catalaa 271%
    Adam Williamson 242%
    Adam Hegyi 242%
    Steffen "Rini" Udluft 242%

  • A Walk In the Park :: (18th July, 1999)
    It's been quite a while since we last had a contest. Interestingly, this one had by far the most thinking, testing, thinking, testing...
    This contest is an idea by Andy Stine of Doomworld. He calls the way of playing "strolling". So what's strolling, you ask? It's playing as normal except:
  • You can't run.
  • You can't strafe.
  • You can shoot, punch in the air, but not hurting monsters (Pacifist, that is).

    As you see, that's basically how a Real Life (TM) person works... :) and we'll include him in DOOM now. Before that, I'd like to clarify what the rules mean:

  • You can't have a forward/back speed over 25 in LMPC. I recommend using -turbo 50 and running enabled which will do just that. Otherwise, you could end up at higher speeds while moving the mouse.
  • You can't have strafe tics at all. Simple.
  • This will be judged like Pacifist entries.

    So what's the task, then? Easy. MAP01 UV. It's not that easy though. You have 2 tasks here: get to the exit alive, and get the shotgun. Remember, Pacifist!

    Quite extraordinarily, I throw in another contest for the speed people. This time, you can do everything as normally, but you can throw in -turbo as well. Any turbo value you like. Task: MAP01 UV speedrun, with times measured precisely (with LMPC). And here I have to emphasize it: Please DO NOT cheat! You'd ruin the fun!

    To sum it up, we have 2 contests:

  • MAP01 UV strolling, get the shotgun and exit
  • MAP01 UV speedrun with any turbo value you prefer, times measured gametic-precision Deadlines: 23:59 CET, 31st July 1999.

    The results

    I was very happy with the large number of demos we got. Adam Willamson's 0:49 strolling was too hard to beat... I guess it was very lucky that he got the 3 imps down with one elevator. Jonathan Rimmer's 3.77 with -turbo 255 seemed like nearly optimal... I was surprised to see the -turbo contest to get such a clear run. I also recommend watching Marijo's hilarious -turbo 3 recording in 0:42... not easy! :)

    Demos, turbo contest

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Jonathan Rimmer 3.77
    Adam Hegyi 3.88
    Adam Williamson 4.31
    Arno Slagboom 4.37
    Zvonimir "FX" Buzanic 4.42
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 4.74
    Simon Broadhead 4.85
    Mike "Cyberdemon" Watson 4.91
    Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic 42.91

    Demos, strolling contest

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Adam Williamson 0:49
    Adam Hegyi 0:51
    Jonathan Rimmer 0:52
    Marijo "Sedlo" Sedlic 0:54
    Thomas "Panter" Pilger 0:55
    Brad Spencer 1:07

  • Weapon Collector :: (30th April, 1999)
    OK, here's the deal: run MAP16 of DOOM2, grab all weapons which are on the level and exit. To clarify now, "all weapons"= berserk, shotgun, super shotgun, chaingun, rocket launcher, plasma gun, BFG 9000. You must take at least one of each weapon (so only 1 of the 4 plasma guns needed). The order of grabbing them is optional, just have all when you reach the exit. Because there are no shotgun guys and chaingunners, it's obvious how you can grab those weapons. Lowest time wins as always. Skill is Ultra Violence, however, demos for other categories are also accepted. Pacifist is especially an interesting way, try that one!
    Deadline: 23:59 CET, 16th May 1999 (Sunday as always).

    The results

    I'm sad because of the poor number of demos. Three, in fact. Was it too hard? I don't think so... you had a megasphere and an invul... Was it a lame contest? I hope not...
    Anyway, Vincent Catalaa won with his nice 1:21 run. Donatas Tamonis followed with 1:29. Steffen "Rini" Udluft took up the harder Pacifist challenge and produced a nice recording.

    If there's no demand for contests there won't be any.


    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Vincent Catalaa 1:21
    Donatas Tamonis 1:29
    Steffen "Rini" Udluft 12:09 (Pacifist)

    Gotcha! :: (10th March, 1999)
    Remember this scene, dontcha? Now you'll be able to witness it again...

    Your task is to speedrun MAP20 of DOOM2, Ultra Violence skill, killing both the Cyberdemon and the Spider Mastermind before you exit. There are no other requirements, just ensure the bosses are dead!
    This time the contest is only Ultra Violence, the other skills wouldn't be much difference. Hint: the golden rule, "Think before you record" is twice as true here!
    Please do not send demos to incoming, mail them to me instead. I'll put up all incoming demos here ASAP.
    Contest deadline is: 23:59 CET, 28th March 1999 (Sunday as always).

    The results

    Rudy Jurjako won this contest, with his nice 1:04 run. Ilkka Kurkela got 1:05 just two hours before the deadline, but that wasn't enough. The winning run is a result of the hard work of his and some of myself's ;) Arno and Opulent also taking part, unfortunately Rudy's times proved out to be too tough for them to do. Shame that no other players took part, which gotta change next time. Vincent, Ralf, Rini, Panter, Anders, Henning, Joe, Donatas, where are you?


    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Rudy Jurjako 1:04
    Adam Hegyi 1:05
    Ilkka Kurkela 1:05
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 1:26
    Arno Slagboom 1:28

    Vilekiller :: (26th January, 1999)
    Your task is simple. You have to speedrun MAP28 of DOOM2, kill all (there are four) arch-viles on the level and exit. You can either try Ultra-Violence or NightMare!, these will be separate categories. (Of course on NightMare!, you have to kill every arch-vile at least once.) As always, send your demos here.
    The deadline is: 23:59 CET, 24th January 1999 (that's Sunday).

    The results

    Thomas "Panter" Pilger winning both runs, with times 1:01 and 1:10. Congratulations to Panter, he already got his reward... Nah c'mon ask him, I'm not telling ;) Total of five players sent in demos, which is a good improvement on the first contest's three. Very interesting differences in routes, although everyone realized BFG is the way to go to kill 4 arch-viles.... :) Most of the differences come from taking more/less invuls and health. Getting stuck here and there also affected some times, some really annoying parts for some players out there. Panter's winning run is a combination of the ideas other players discovered, he nicely put together all the little improvements into one, fluent run.

    PS. After the deadline Panter has produced a 0:59 run, nice job!

    UV Demos

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Thomas "Panter" Pilger 1:01
    Henning Skogsto 1:05
    Vincent Catalaa 1:14
    Doug "Opulent" Merrill 1:15
    Donatas Tamonis 1:20

    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Thomas "Panter" Pilger 1:10
    Vincent Catalaa 1:18

    Perfect Hatred :: (6th January, 1999)
    The first contest is over. If you missed it, here is what it was about:

    Speedrunning E4M2 of Ultimate DOOM on skill Ultra Violence, WITHOUT using the following:
  • The Steffen Winterfeldt jump
  • Picking up the BFG from the other side through the wall

    If you don't know what these are, download this demo by Anders Johnsen, which shows both tricks in action.

    You can exit in either exit, that's optional.

    The results

    Ilkka Kurkela's great run was matched by no one else, so he deserves a big applause... Congratulations Ilkka!
    Unfortunately no one recorded this in NightMare! skill, maybe that was too tough for now. The demos are all available here.


    Player Time
    ------- -----
    Ilkka Kurkela 0:59
    Adam Hegyi 1:12
    Thomas "Panter" Pilger 1:19

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